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  1. Big Sky's "Headlamp at Night" Adventure.

    Trip Report: Big Sky's "Headlamp at Night" Adventure.

    If you have been following our escapades, you know that some from the SkiTalk team traveled to Big Sky to volunteer at the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. While there @Andy Mink @Winks and Phil were treated to Big Sky's Headlamp at Night adventure. The price of the...
  2. Andy Mink

    Flat light vs. low light, color deficiencies

    Are flat and low light the same thing but just different terms? I consider low light to be along the lines of night skiing whereas flat light is when you get those cloudy days. On the same line, do color blind or color deficient people (me) see flat light differently than full spectrum folks...
  3. coskigirl

    Colorado Anyone skied Echo Mountain?

    AKA - I’m going through withdrawal. For a variety of reasons (concussion, school, holiday) my skiing prospect for the next several weeks is poor. I’m starting to reach a level of strategizing options. Echo Mountain offers night skiing and relatively cheap skiing overall. I realize that this...
  4. squill

    Utah PCMR Ends night skiing for public.
  5. Bill Talbot

    Local Hill Appreciation Thread

    So my local ant hill, with 625 vert. feet of madness got themselves a PistenBully 600 added to their 'fleet' of groomers for this coming season. They groom the 'entire' hill at the beginning of the night session (6-10pm) to generally bring some pretty nice conditions to relax after work. I might...