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  1. Tricia

    Individual Review Nordica Proto Project Santa Ana 88

    I'm excited to be recognized by Nordica as a key influencer in women's ski gear, and have been chosen to be one of the women involved with the Nordica Proto Project Santa Ana 88. Follow along as I put these through the paces over the next year. Nordica has taken the shape that we love from...
  2. Gerry Rhoades

    Nordica Enforcer 93 and Enforcer S Pre-Release Sale

    Be the first on your block to own the latest from Nordica, the all-new Enforcer 93 and this season's runaway best seller, the Enforcer S. SkiBoot Rx will have a limited number of each arriving shortly. Most of the skis will be 177 and 185 but we will also have 169 and 193. The prices are $649...
  3. Philpug

    2017 Gear Sneak Peeks Vol. 1

    I have my first teaser on the front page here SIA PREVIEW. Here are a few more to fill in the blanks... Blizzard Quattro Blizzard is returning to its roots and bringing back the "Quattro" name in an all-new frontside collection. Just as it did by offering the Mach 1 boot in narrow and medium...
  4. Philpug

    Individual Review Long-Term Test: 2017 Nordica Enforcer 93

    As Nordica prepares to release a 93mm version of its smash hit Enforcer, we have to ask: Can lightning strike twice? Initial impressions: Nordica is staying with a proven design. All too many times, a brand takes a great product and an established name and puts it on a lesser ski. Not the case...
  5. Philpug

    The 95ish trend

    A few short years ago (two to three) the 95ish width skis sorta fell between the cracks. It is a shame because there were some very good ones, like the Salomon Sentinel and Dynastar Legend 94, and even the Kastle FX94 didn't get all the love it deserved. Now this segment is being attacked and...
  6. Gerry Rhoades

    Christmas came early at Skiboot Rx

    This came today and its not from last year.
  7. Ron

    Individual Review Long-Term Review: 2016 Nordica Enforcer 100

    Nordica Enforcer 100 Dimensions: 133-100-121 Radius: 18.5m@185cm Size tested: 185 Design: All New Summary: Hype-worthy soft-snow ski. Ski it to believe it. Now give me a 90mm version please .... Pros: Stable, quick and smooth, versatile, skis like a low 90s ski, FUN, energetic, damp but with...
  8. Philpug

    Individual Review Thumbnail Review: 2016 Nordica Enforcer

    Nordica might have resurrected a name from the past, but there is nothing warmed over about the all-new 2016 Enforcer. Just as the original Enforcer was a game changer, the new version also sets a standard. The 98-100mm category is one of the most highly contested in the industry, and it usually...