october snowfall

  1. Tricia

    Colorado A-Basin sneaks by Keystone by opening for 2 hours on October 11!

    Keystone Positioned to be the First Ski Resort to Open in North America on Saturday, Oct. 12 – The Resort’s Earliest Opening in More Than 20 Years With Keystone kicking off the season, don’t miss your chance to secure the best deal on your Epic Pass before prices increase at midnight on...
  2. LKLA

    New England 2018/19 Northeast

    Mount Snow opens this Saturday, October 27, with more available terrain than any resort in the Northeast with skiing and riding from top to bottom. Killington opened on October 19 and currently has three trails open ahead of this weekend - Rime, Reason and Upper East Fall - all for...
  3. M

    October, October, October !!! Ski Streak may stall at 144

    Another extremely warm Fall, probably record breaking in the East. It's fricking +22c on October 22 (72F) in Ottawa, average temp is +10c... A few hours of snowmaking at Killington, Sunday River and St-Sauveur back on October 17. The cold weather window in the long-range forecast keeps being...
  4. Tricia

    Big storm systems brewing in October

    This story from Snowbrains gives an interesting outlook on snow for Whistler. 5,000-Mile-Long Atmospheric River Stretching From China To B.C. Forecast To Drop 28-80″ of Snow on Whistler Next 7-Days Then there is the Open Snow report for Tahoe: Thursday night into Friday we will see a storm...
  5. Dwight

    PNW might get dumped on.

    Could be a good start to the season. https://snowbrains.com/5000-mile-long-atmospheric-river-stretching-china-b-c-forecast-drop-28-80-snow-whistler-next-7-days/