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olin skis

  1. Philpug

    New and Improved Heritage and Equipment Retrospect Section

    https://www.pugski.com/forums/#heritage-and-equipment-retrospect.101 @Dave Petersen and @Dwight put a ton of work in creating the page, images, and links. Our resident historians @Bill Talbot, @Joal and @Doug Briggs also helped with some guidance. Just click on "Retrospect and Ski Industry by...
  2. Philpug

    Gotta love a Craigslist find; Unicorn content

    It's one thing to find a unicorn like The Ski Black Majics or Olin Ballets, but to find both at the same time, less than 2 miles from your house for basically free. Priceless!
  3. Bill Talbot

    Pre 1995 SKIS, Sightings in the wild...

    So another thread reminded me that we need a place to promote and capture the pure joy of getting out and skiing the old boards. We've got LOTS of great pictures of the skis but this is for ON THE SNOW pix, reviews and just comments about how big the smile was on your face while skiing them...
  4. Dave Petersen

    All Things PRE

    All Things PRE PRE Skis
  5. Dave Petersen

    All Things Olin

    All Things Olin Olin Skis and Ski Boots
  6. Philpug

    Top selling skis of all time by model?

    The numbers are never produced as fas as actually hay many of each model ski is produced from season to season but I would venture to say the top model skis sold were the following (in no particular order)... Rossignol 4S Olin Mark IV Salomon X-Scream K2 Four K2 Recon I think the Rossi Soul7...