1. Analisa

    Softgoods Sustainability

    Starting a new sustainability thread after some thread drift in a separate thread soliciting pant recommendations. Questions came up about recycled synthetic fabric, how it's made, and differences in brand adoption, so I decided to do a little "state of the state" rundown of how brands are...
  2. VickiK

    For Sale Patagonia Down Jacket, XL, Black. Good condition. $40 shipped.

    I bought this used, and haven't worn it. It's very warm.
  3. Muleski

    Sold FS: NEW Medium Patagonia Women's Reversable Snap-T Glissade SOLD!!

    New with the tags attached. We blew the size. It's true to size, but my daughter preferred a Large. Your gain! This is the re-emergence of a classic Patagonia piece. We have some that are close to 30 years old. Nice look. This one has great colors. The color is Portofino pink. Colors in the...
  4. Muleski

    Sold Patagonia Womens Nano Puff Jacket, Medium. SOLD!

    This is a Nano Puff jacket with the diamond pattern stitching. It's in PERFECT condition. No pulls on the stitching, no stains, no wear. These are a great mid layer, or a great jacket to just wear around town. My wife often skis in one in the spring with no shell. It has nice hidden side...
  5. Ron

    Finn's annual closet sale. Arc Teryx, Flylow Patagonia POC Strafe

    Ok folks, this year i have a bunch of some great stuff to cull from the herd, If you buy it and dont like it, just pay the return shipping and I will gladly refund your money less the initial shipping cost, SOLD ITEMS: marmot jacket Burgundy Flylow pants Coop Camo Pants sold Blue Flylow pants...
  6. SkiFiore

    International (Europe/Japan/Southern Hemisphere) August 2017 - Cerro Catedral with SASS Argentina

    I arrived home just under a week ago after an incredible week skiing in Cerro Catedral near Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina. I capped off the trip with a few days in Buenos Aires. Here are some highlights from the trip. I took off from Denver to Atlanta on a Friday afternoon and connected...
  7. MidASkier

    Shell Jacket

    Time for a new jacket. Looking for suggestions on a nice shell. My Helly Hansen has been good to me over the past 7 years, but is no longer waterproof.
  8. Bill Talbot

    All Things Vintage Ski Clothing

    So what have you held onto or sniffed out to buy for a Retro day on the mountain. There is the old school stretch wool pants (with foot stirrups!) and fashionable sweater period, then there is the crazy colors of the 80's into the 90's. One piece fart bags, Moriarty hat's and even glow on the...
  9. Philpug

    Patagonia on sale at Costco.

    Patagonia is a product that we would normally see in specialty ski & high end sporting good shops. Now we are seeing nano puffs on sale at Costco. Is this a good idea or not?