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pugski member meet-ups

  1. Philpug

    Virtual "Pugski at the Beach" Mothers Day 2020 Roll Call

    Since we can't go to A-Basin for Mothers Day, we thought we would bring the beach party to the community...virtually. We will be hosting a Zoom party on Saturday 5/9/20 at 3 PM Arapahoe Basin Time. roughly the time we would be at our beach spot at A-Basin throwing back a few cold ones. Join...
  2. Tricia

    Northern Rockies/Alberta 2020 Pugski Jackson Hole Gathering Trip Report

    Looking forward to pictures of shenanigans, fun times, après and grins.
  3. KevinF

    2020 New England Gathering -- March 27th to 29th

    Save some Stowe -- err, Killington -- days on your Ikon passes; Pugski will be invading Killington from March 27th to the 29th as per the poll results. Meeting place will be 9AM each morning at the base of the Snowdon six pack. See the orange-circled area. We'll do a couple laps off that...
  4. Ron

    Colorado Steamboat skier meet-up. 2019-20

    I'm a little late for getting this going. Anyone planning on Skiing Steamboat this season? If so, I would be happy to meet-up for unofficial tours or just have a beer or hot chocolate. I enjoy meeting and skiing (and snowboarders are perfectly fine with me too) Pugskiers of all skiing abilities...
  5. Tricia

    The S.S. Pugski September Ski Resort Tour 2019

    @Philpug[/USER] and I are on a road trip to attend the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame Enshrinement events in Ishpeming, Michigan. We decided to make an adventure of it and stop to see some Pugskiers and take in some activities at some ski resorts along the way. First we loaded S.S. Pugski...
  6. dbostedo

    2020 Jackson Hole Gathering Roll Call

    If you're coming to the 2020 National Gathering at Jackson Hole, please add yourself to the list. (Please copy and paste the existing list, and add your name in the next spot.) @dbostedo @Philpug @Tricia
  7. dbostedo

    OFFICIAL 2020 Jackson Hole Gathering Information

    2020 National Gathering at Jackson Hole, WY, February 23 - February 29 NOTE : This is a living post and will be changed as new information becomes available (last updated 2/21/2020) The PugSki National Gathering for the 2019-2020 season will be held at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, from...
  8. Philpug

    2018-19 Pugski Epic Resort Tour

    The 2018-2019 season was a whirlwind -- dare we say “Epic” -- tour for Team Pugski. Tricia and I were all over the western United States at almost 25 resorts, including more than a half-dozen Epic resorts. Even though these areas are under the Vail umbrella in one way or another, each has its...
  9. Brian Finch

    New England Stratton skiers / riders?

    Who’s basing out of Stratton for the 2020 season? With Ikon, we expect to be there a bunch more. What’s the local Beta?
  10. lisamamot

    New England Sunday River home mountain?

    We now have Sunday River as a home mountain. Just wondering who else I should be looking for on the slope!
  11. Tricia

    May at A-Basin Beach Spot

    We, and by that I mean @SBrown has, commandeered a beach spot for Sunday, May 5th in conjunction with the 13th Annual May at A-Basin. We will be taking donations to cover the cost as the price seems to rise a little every year. Beach Spot 10; anyone who is attending, please consider donating...
  12. TheArchitect

    When will the dates for the 2020 JH Gathering be decided? They are decided! 2/23/20 - 2/29/20

    Just curious about the dates. I'm taking my son out to Utah during MA February vacation 2/16-2/22. I'm guessing the Gathering will be in that time frame but if not I may try to swing a second trip to attend the Gathering. And yeah, I know I'm way early. I'm a long range planner; what can I...
  13. robertc3

    North American Freeride Championships

    Is anyone else on the board planning to go to the NorAms at Kicking Horse next week? I will be there with my U12 son and it would be fun to meet up with some other freeride families. We are the only family from our team going to the U12s so the rest of our contingent won't arrive until we are...
  14. KevinF

    2019 New England Gathering trip report

    Preview of coming attractions:
  15. graham418

    Killington April 6 , 7, 8

    Will be skiing Killington on April 6 - 8 , if anyones going to be there. A large crowd from Toronto is coming down
  16. Tricia

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Big Sky Gathering Trip Report

    As many Gathering trip reports start, this one starts a few days before the official Gathering as we (@Philpug @Andy Mink @AKMINK and I) travel north and spend some time at Jackson Hole. We bumped into the Grumps almost immediately upon arrival, which was a nice treat. Hopefully @KingGrump can...
  17. dbostedo

    Taos Mini-Gathering - 2019

    @KingGrump @Pumba @mdf @Sandy_NYC Last season we almost got a group together to have a meet-up in Taos and do some ski-weeks. The low snow year kind of killed that though. So I thought we could give it a shot again this season... anyone and everyone would be welcome, and everyone would be...