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ramp angle

  1. R

    Ramp angle of technica mach 1 130 LV

    Does anyone know the ramp angle of the Technica Mach 1 130 LV? I am looking for a 4 buckle boot 130 flex with 5+ degrees of ramp angle for riding park. Only option I've found so far is Nordica pro machine 130 with 5 degrees.
  2. What Does It Take To Demo a Ski Properly?

    What Does It Take To Demo a Ski Properly?

    I cannot count how many times it has been posted here, there, and everywhere: You must DEMO DEMO DEMO DEMO before you buy. So, what can you learn from demoing a ski? Well, let's talk about what it takes to demo skis properly. “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there”...
  3. Analisa

    What's the most important factor with boot fit?

    I'm shopping for my first real inbound boot since I was a kid. I first moved out west, I went straight for a touring setup since I was mainly looking for a way to move efficiently for winter climbing, but I won a season ski pass and met a cute park rat and started skiing inbounds for about half...