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rear entry ski boots

  1. R

    Salomon SX92 Instructions

    Someone may have already posted this but I thought others might find it useful. SX92 instructions for the various levers and adjustments English instructions Pictorial Some settings may apply to other SX series boots to, but that’s just a guess. I know I’m not the only one with...
  2. R

    Vintage SX92 Boot Education (I could use some)

    My current boot collection: SX70’s I learned to ski on and will probably retire, Impulse buy SX72’s that offered a very snug but marginally comfortable fit, also easier to close than the 70’s and finally recently bought SX92 Equipe with multiple inserts and spacers to customize fit. I’m the 2nd...
  3. Stephen

    I remember when...

    For fun and for a bit of education for the younger generation and newer skiers, finish the statement with things your remember about skiing or anything ski related. Examples: I remember when ... lift tickets at vail were $7.50. I remember when ... it was cool to wear neon pink. I remember...
  4. Goose

    Would There Still be a Market for Rear Entry Boots

    I thought to put this in the general ski section since the Boot thread section seems to be much more specifically about fittings, latest models, etc. I thought this more of a general skiing topic. But any Mod please move if you feel its not appropriate. I did search the forums for such a topic...
  5. Dave Petersen

    All Things Alpina

    All Things Alpina Alpina Ski Boots