rooftop cargo carriers

  1. Packasport

    Solar Cargo Box - The Apollo by Packasport

    Hi Pugski Community - Packasport is launching a new product this fall called The Apollo. For the Apollo, we modified our largest cargo box, the System 115, and installed the latest technology by our partner, Zamp Solar. The Apollo is being designed to meet the needs of those that need both...
  2. Philpug

    Press Release: Packasport Is Relaunching Its Complete Line of U.S.-Built Premium Rooftop Carriers

    Packasport: The Strongest Case for Adventure (Reno, NV): Packasport rooftop cargo carriers are back and better than ever! Now under new ownership, Packasport would like to reintroduce the strongest rooftop carrier to snow sports enthusiasts. Packasport is upping its game, offering more size...