rossignol experience 84 ti w

  1. SkiNurse

    Individual Review SkiNurse's 2018-19 Ski Reviews

    Over the last couple of years, it has been frustrating that the ski manufacturers did not bring skis for the on-the-short-end-of-average ski tester. This year, most did bring skis that were less than 165 cm, and I almost wished that there was another day of on-the-snow testing so I could try...
  2. SkiTalk Test Team

    2019 Rossignol

    Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti Dimensions: 122-68-104 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 157, 162, 167, 172 Size tested: 172 Design: New Construction Rossignol Hero Elite LT Ti Dimensions: 119-71-101 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 167, 172, 177, 182 Size tested: 177 Design: New Construction Philpug: Well yes...