rossignol soul 7

  1. J

    Recommend a powder ski for an ex-racer

    Looking for a ski recommendation to make powder days fun and help bust through choppy conditions. I'm tired of getting beaten up on my race boards on ungroomed terrain. Uses: trees and powder days Primary Location: Mt Bachelor and Mt Hood (Oregon) History: I grew up skiing on the east coast...
  2. Snapcase26

    Hard decision 2015 wailer hybrid 99 or soul 7 cat skiing

    going cat skiing this winter so i swung by my local ski shop. They are offering me a pair on ‘16 wailer 99 hybrid w/ marker griffin bindings for $450 or a pair of 16 or 17 rossi soul 7s for 600 w same bindings. always wanted the wailer 112 but for the price thinking of the 99s. question is...
  3. J

    Skis for Big White

    Hi All Heading to Big White in 3 weeks. I have 4 pairs of skis and will be bringing 2: One for powder conditions and one for days with harder snow/chop/crud, etc. For powder, I have the Soul 7 and the Patron. Went to Whistler last year with both of these and had 5 bluebird days with hard...
  4. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2017 Line Sir Francis Bacon vs 2017 Rossignol Soul 7 HD

    The One Oh Something segment can be defined by three skis, two of which are compared here: the Line Sir Francis Bacon and the Rossignol Soul 7. The Bacon has an incredibly loyal following and might be the most repurchased model not only in this category but in any. When Rossignol launched the...
  5. SkiEssentials

    Individual Review 2017 Rossignol Soul 7 HD

    We had a chance to get out on the new Rossi Soul 7 HD recently. All of our testers were pretty psyched with the new construction. Definitely way more powerful, but still plenty playful and maneuverable. You can find the full review on our Chairlift Chat blog!
  6. Rossignol 7 HD Series

    Rossignol 7 HD Series

  7. Rossignol HD closeup

    Rossignol HD closeup

  8. Philpug

    Top selling skis of all time by model?

    The numbers are never produced as fas as actually hay many of each model ski is produced from season to season but I would venture to say the top model skis sold were the following (in no particular order)... Rossignol 4S Olin Mark IV Salomon X-Scream K2 Four K2 Recon I think the Rossi Soul7...
  9. Couchmaster

    Comparison Review Wet Noodle slapdown: Rossi Soul 7 vs Stöckli SR 95 comparison

    About me Me, AARP candidate, 170 lbs 5'7". Legs are my best feature, but they are weaker than they should be. Been skiing for a long time, never raced and I have craploads of bad technique which gets absurdly worse if the snow turns to crap. I like quick turns on piste and a slalom type of ski...