1. Karen_skier2.0

    Same model bindings on all pairs of skis?

    Do you have the same model of bindings on multiple pairs of skis? I have the Salomon STH 10 Ski Bindings on two pairs of skis (K2 Superfree 163 & Volkl Aura 170). I'm not sure if I want to go with the same model on my new Volkl Kendo 163. On the plus side, the bindings are very light and not...
  2. Philpug

    2015-16 Indemnification Binding List

    Here is the list from It can get confusing with older models but read through it and if there is any questions or unsure if your bindings are still covered, please post them and I am sure one of the members here can put there eyes on them and on the list to confirm.
  3. Living Proof

    Skis and Trees

    Let me begin by stating my tree skiing experience is very limited, as my home Pa. ski mountain has almost no tree skiing. What little they have also is a magnet for creating rock skis. My experience is mostly on western trips and then mostly in older snow glades. So, making turns around trees...
  4. Philpug

    Skis that you have bought more than one pair of?

    What skis have you had that were so good that you either stock piled or after you wore them out and just replaced them with the same ski again. Early on: Salomon 9000 3S, when slalom skis were still over 200cm...err PR8 in Salomon-ese Dynastar Course SL, light, lively but had to be replaced...
  5. Philpug

    Yeah, they are THAT good.

    While I was on the lift today I was thinking about thread ideas and this came up. What skis have you been on that either have lived up to their hype and made you think, Day-um, these really are THAT good. Enforcer, skied it today and my lust for it has carried over from last season. Monster 88...