1. Bode Miller joins SCARPA as ski ambassador

    Press Release: Bode Miller joins SCARPA as ski ambassador

    Bode Miller joins SCARPA as ski ambassador The most successful American alpine ski racer of all time joins ski greats like Chris Davenport as SCARPA launches new GripWalk hybrid boot line. BOULDER, Colo. (Jan. 12, 2022) – SCARPA, the leading producer of footwear for mountain sports, today...
  2. Mister Mann

    AT boot fit compared to existing Lange alpine boot

    I don't believe there are any local (metro NYC) stores stocking AT boots, so I'd like to try mail order. I also get discounts through work on some brands (Scarpa, Dynafit, & La Sportiva). My alpine boot is a Lange RS 120 in a 26, which fits me well. My street shoe size is 11. Can anyone...
  3. Philpug

    General Welcome to the Backcountry Discussion Forum

    We have been asked by a few for this forum. Right now there are prefixes set up for different types of discussion. Once the forum grows, we can break them out into their own subforums but in the meantime we will keep them all here. If there is anything glaringly missing, we can add it.
  4. Monique

    Is the shell size printed on the plastic of the boot?

    I thought my Scarpa Geas were 24.5, but I just noticed that the ripped-up sticker on the toe looks like a 25.0. I can't find the shell size (as opposed to the BSL) printed on the outside - these are barely-used, so none of the print is ground down at all, let alone worn off. Is there a standard...