scott ski boots

  1. H

    Brag about your collectibles

    Red corduroy Snowbird ski hat from the 1980s or 1990s.
  2. Philpug

    Most Innovative Brands?

    Yes, we have talked about the most influential ski models but what are the most innovative brands? Salomon with the introduction of the S727, The Monocoque ski? Power Rating ski sizing and volume sizing boots? Volant with the stainless steel design, Shane McConkey's Spatula, The Chubb and G-Max...
  3. Dave Petersen

    All Things Scott

    All Things Scott Scott Ski Poles, Boots, Goggles, and Skis
  4. crgildart

    All Things Bobbie Burns and The Ski

    All Things THE SKI BOBBIE BURNS - THE SKI Gearheads. I was trying to research my recent score and searching for some product model history of The Ski variations. From what I can see, those TRS that I have seem more common than most of the others Was that the last big run from Bobbie...
  5. Bill Talbot

    Show me your Retro Displays

    I'll break the ice and give a little hint of things to come here in our new digs... Now I know you guys and gals have stuff too.... show me whacha got!