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ski bindings

  1. The Best Value/Sleeper Bindings for 2022/23

    Review: The Best Value/Sleeper Bindings for 2022/23

    When it comes to discussing bindings, there are few sites that go down the rabbit hole or into the weeds like SkiTalk, and here is another binding piece that dives into the details. We’ve discussed before what you gain when you purchase pricier bindings: You are not so much buying a bigger...
  2. knobby

    RockeRace vs RockerFlex bindings

    I'm hoping someone can explain why Look has moved from the RockerFlex to the RockeRace bindings. The name RockerFlex implies that it would be for the added ability for the tail of the ski to flex and would be better for lighter skiers potentially but they are no longer making this binding. Did...
  3. AlpedHuez

    Cast Freetour Upgrade kit

    I am considering the Cast Freetour upgrade kit to modify a traditional Look Pivot setup, as an alternative to the hybrid Switch and Marker PT etc. What can y'all tell me about your experience with the Cast system (pun intended)?
  4. U

    Binding advice

    My BSL is 265. Last time when looking for flat bindings I bought Salomon Warden 11 on @Philpug advice and am happy with them. Ready to buy new skis (Volkl Yumi) which are on sale on @SkiEssentials and they offer them with Tyrolia Attack2 11 GW. Can't find any specs about delta. Appreciate again...
  5. chopchop

    Binding Freedom for Demo Bindings

    This could either be an interesting discussion or I will get laughed out of here. Or, maybe it's a nonissue? Curious if Binding Freedom inserts can confidently be used for demo binding rails. Anyone doing this? Related: Are there any implications wrt release testing (frequency), or, since the...
  6. Crank

    And Another What Binding? Thread

    My 189cm Head Kore 105s were delivered yesterday, 4/20! They are actually 107mm across the bottom, outside of edge to outside of edge. I measured. Me: About 5'11", 200lbs. I like to ski everything except ice. More often off piste than groomer zooming. Many of you have seen me ski. I like...
  7. Y

    Bindings for Evolv 90

    What bindings should I put on my new Evolv 90’s? I’ve been using Look SPX 12 Duals on my other daily drivers, no complaints. That said, I haven’t tried a lot of different newer bindings. Thanks!
  8. Chip

    New skis for the wife

    Looking at the Blizzard Sheeva 9's for my wife. I'm thinking about pairing them up with the Tyrolia SX 10 bindings. Will these bindings work with a 90mm brake?
  9. karlo

    Modern bindings for straight skis

    Are there any modern bindings that would fit on an early-1990’s straight ski.
  10. Jim Ward

    Mount point for MX 84?

    Greetings, looking at the side of my new MX 84's I see 9/176 1039432 followed by a vertical line with a triangle on its side pointing at the line. I an assuming that is the mid point? Anyone know for sure? Thanks
  11. jt10000

    summer storage - bindings?

    Is there anything I should do to bindings for summer storage?
  12. Maxgun

    Look ski binding advice

    Hi all, just purchased my first set of skis, after normally hiring. It's a set of Dynastar legends, with look NX11 bindings. I've set the bindings for my din level. But was enquiring about how hard it normally is to exit the binding when stationary using the poles to push the rear leaver. As it...
  13. Philpug

    What is the oldest binding you would still use?

    I was bored and threw this out on Facebook and it grew legs so I will ask here. What is the oldest binding you would feel confident in using? Indemnification..inshmenification...IMHO, there are bindings that are no longer indemnified that really are jsut as goo..and safe as any new binding...
  14. Rod MacDonald

    Ski bindings technical info wanted

    Hi, I'm interested generally on the technical side of mechanical things as I'm an engineer in manufacturing . I've googled and looked at ski technical brochures , but cant find what on looking for : specifically I'd like a selection of " sectional " images of ski bindings- where you can see the...
  15. Pdub

    Binding weight vs performance, need some advice

    First, I hope every one is staying safe and healthy and hunkering down. The end of skiing and work has given me way too much time to research things on the internet! I just bought 172 cm Rustler 9s, my BSL is 295 (Nordica Promachine 120), I weigh 138 lbs, I'm 53, and ski fairly fast but more on...
  16. D

    Can anyone identify this Kastle plate...?

    I'm retiring my beloved first gen Kastle RX skis but I'm thinking of reusing the plate and bindings. These were purchased used several years ago and came with a unique plates system for the KTI-14 bindings. A long time ago on Epic someone identified this plate as German made but I cannot...
  17. M

    Binding for Flat Nordica Spitfire 80

    If going with the flat ski version of the Spitfire 80, what binding would you guys put on there? I know the SkiEssentials guys mentioned a Pivot 18, but what would be some other options that might work well?
  18. socalgal

    Bindings, bindings, so many bindings. Help me!

    So. Many. Options! I just bought a pair of Liberty V76's for my DH (6', 190 lbs, advanced skier) What binding should I put on them????? Attack 13's $198 (w/ 85mm brake)...
  19. musicmatters

    What bindings for Stockli Laser AX

    I am picking up a Used pair of Laser AX from someone off this site. What bindings should I look at? I like the idea of demo bindings to be able to hone in on the mount point. Would the Attack 13 demo be appropriate for this? If I went non-demo bindings, what’s the move?
  20. laine

    Binding Advice

    I've started demo-ing skis and have also begun to research bindings. There are several sales going on right now, so I might end up getting bindings before I get the skis. I was leaning towards the Dynafit ST Rotation 10, which I can find on sale for about $450. I demo'd skis this weekend and...