ski boot stiffness

  1. SusanneGoneSkii

    Head Nexo LYT 130RS vs. Head Raptor 120 RS vs. Head Edge LYT 130

    Hello there, I am in the process of getting my new gear for the next season. I work as a ski guide for a hotel in Baqueira-Beret, ES and am on the slopes 5-6 hours every day during the season (off-piste as well). Unfortunately, all European resorts closed down due to COVID19 in the middle of...
  2. Calbearski

    Relative ranking of ski boot stiffnesses

    I've been searching for a "relative" comparison of manufacturers ski boots with an advertised 130 stiffness, given all 130's are not created equal. For example my Tecnica R 130 is stiffer than my Tecnica Mach 1 130, and also stiffer than my Lange RS 130. The most stiff 130 rated boot I had was...
  3. Nobody

    Of race boots, size and pain

    And so, I thought I would have never gone "back" to those times...times of pains and tightly fit boots. Sunday I "had to" purchase a new race boot. The choice fell on the Dalbello DRS WC (witdh @93mm) Ha because after years of skiing "comfortably" in boots that were of the exact street shoes...
  4. kaunosario

    Right flex

    I'm 6'5", 195 lbs and a solid intermediate skier, who spends 90% of his time on groomers. Do you think that a Salomon X Max 120 is too much flex for me?
  5. CraigH

    Are my boots too stiff?

    So last year I needed new boots. My old Dalbello Axons from 2012 were actually too big(insert dig about boots being too big here). I wanted to spend $600-$700 on a 90-100 flex range boot. I've been skiing on and off for the past 30 years(. I've only been skiing once per year the past few years...
  6. R

    All-Mountain but 140 or more stiffness??

    I recently ordered some Lange rx130 boots in 100 last, they'll be the first new boots I've owned in probably 15 years (basically stopped skiing cold turkey.) The last few pairs I did own were Lange WC Plug boots. No idea what they were called, but I do remember they were the legit plug boots and...
  7. The Numbers Game: Boots, Part 2

    The Numbers Game: Boots, Part 2

    Oh boy, these are some of the most “missed” numbers: mis-understood, mis-represented, and mis-referenced. We see flex ranges from 50 to 150 for adult boots. Why and how are these numbers set? You might as well try to figure out airline pricing models or the calculation of your credit score. I...