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  1. Tony S

    New England Report from Saddleback

    When a friend called last night to say that a kind soul with a key to the Pisten Bully was grooming the skate lanes at Saddleback as a public service, the temptation was too great to resist. We reluctantly decided that carpooling was out, so @Wending and I drove up in one car and he in another...
  2. NH Talls & Smalls Crotched Mountain

    NH Talls & Smalls Crotched Mountain

    January 19, 2020 Day 12 Skiers: Carla & Tim Today we visited another new mountain for our Talls & Smalls adventure to ski every ski area in NH. Crotched Mountain is located in the town of Bennington in the southwest corner of the state. Our drive here took us through the towns of New Boston and...
  3. Popaas

    New England Best on East?

    Sup guys!? Coming from Europe, living in NYC. Every year we go skiing somewhere at East Coast. So far we've been to Stowe and Killington (not counting places around NYC since it's a joke - like 2 lifts, 4 trails lol...). We used to ski all over Europe and understand it's not and can't be...
  4. KevinF

    2020 New England Gathering -- March 27th to 29th

    Save some Stowe -- err, Killington -- days on your Ikon passes; Pugski will be invading Killington from March 27th to the 29th as per the poll results. Meeting place will be 9AM each morning at the base of the Snowdon six pack. See the orange-circled area. We'll do a couple laps off that...
  5. Wendy

    New England Best place for early season turns

    This year is the first year that I am not working full time. So, I am more flexible with time and will be able to get out skiing more. That said, once our local bumps open I will be working Sun-Tues in my ski shop. It’s fun, I get great discounts, learn a bunch of stuff, and have great...
  6. surfsnowgirl

    New England 2019/20 Northeast

    Alright I'm getting a tiny bit antsy. My phone widgets tell me certain dates are nearing which includes Killington to start making snow in 21 days or so. I'm still enjoying the temps out and doing other stuff outside but ski club open houses are happening, Warren Miller movie dates have been...
  7. Clemson

    Hello From The Granite State

    Though I have been busy tending my gardens, and other summer fun, I am clearly obsessed with snow now that I am skiing again. I am 50 and came back to it in 2016 after a long hiatus due to a terrible snowboard accident, which included a few years of PT. My son now 16 has a town owned T-bar hill...
  8. KevinF

    2019 New England Gathering trip report

    Preview of coming attractions:
  9. graham418

    Killington April 6 , 7, 8

    Will be skiing Killington on April 6 - 8 , if anyones going to be there. A large crowd from Toronto is coming down
  10. Nathanvg

    New England Gore, Magic, Pico, Mt Snow or Sugarbush

    I'm headed to Albany for work at the end of the month and plan to get a little skiing in. Most likely I'll be skiing a Sunday and Tuesday. I'm looking for recommendations on where to ski. Skiing on a Tuesday is a treat with no crowds. I'll likely do Gore or Mt Snow on Tuesday (need to be...
  11. KevinF

    New England Gathering Location Poll -- March 29th to April 1st

    With the Big Sky Gathering being in late February / early March and the hope for some warm sunny weather and some pugs who have mentioned that the NEG should be in late March, the NEG will be the above dates. Question is the location: Sugarbush and Killington are both on the Ikon pass and are...
  12. Carl

    Ski & Snowboard Expo - Boston

    The 37th annual Ski & Snowboard Expo comes to Boston next week. I haven't been to one in a long time. I was wondering if anyone has attended during the past couple of years and whether it is worth attending. It is being held November 8-11 at the Seaport World Trade Center...
  13. LKLA

    New England 2018/19 Northeast

    Mount Snow opens this Saturday, October 27, with more available terrain than any resort in the Northeast with skiing and riding from top to bottom. Killington opened on October 19 and currently has three trails open ahead of this weekend - Rime, Reason and Upper East Fall - all for...
  14. Roger

    Is it too early to be thinking of next season?

    I live in Florida...need I say more ;) but man oh man I know its only April 9th but I just know in a few months it will be August and I will be setting my plans for next winter. I didn't get to go this winter so I'm dying here (but I heard this season wasn't the best). I can't wait for next year...
  15. KevinF

    Tuckerman Ravine Gathering 2018

    @MattSmith posted here some info here about Tuckerman Ravine. Question: who would be interested in a Tuckerman Day? Open to all... Hiking up to the base of the ravine ("lunch rocks") and soaking in the spectacle can be a very fun day if you don't feel like lugging ski gear all the way in...
  16. KevinF

    2018 New England Gathering trip report

    Placeholder thread for the New England Gathering trip reports, pictures, etc. Wishing all the attendees safe travel travels to the wilds of Northern Vermont and I look forward to seeing you all!
  17. LKLA

    Northeast Mountains

    There are a number of ski areas across the Northeast that are fairly close to one another. Which do you prefer: · Killington or Okemo · Mt Snow or Stratton · Stowe or Smugglers Notch · Sugarbush or Mad River · Catamount or Jiminy Peak · Hunter or Windham · Bromley or Magic ·...
  18. SKI-3PO

    New England Killington closed

    Killington has apparently decided to close today because of cold weather. That seems excessive for a winter sports resort. I’m sure glad I didn’t make the trip there this weekend.
  19. johnnyevil

    New England Sunday River Instructor Recommendations

    Good afternoon guys. Looking for instructor recommendations for Sunday River. My girlfriend and I are going to be there for three days over the Christmas weekend. She blew out her knee a year and a half ago, and basically figures that it's time to relearn to ski (she's gotten back on them as of...
  20. Captain Furious

    New England Sunday River Blues...

    So, I got out of court as quickly as I could yesterday. Swung into my office. Changed into my ski gear. And out the door I went. We had 6" of snow Saturday night and another 11" by yesterday morning. Because of my court schedule, I didn't get to the mountain until 12:30pm. As I was walking...