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ski new hampshire

  1. NH Talls & Smalls Campton Mountain

    NH Talls & Smalls Campton Mountain

    February 29, 2020 Day 24 Skiers: Carla Note: Today is April 20, 2020 and I am just now writing about my visit to Campton Mountain Ski Area. I lost focus to finish this series of articles for my NH Talls & Smalls due to COVID-19 and the rapid transition to social distancing, working from home...
  2. NH Talls & Smalls Mount Prospect

    NH Talls & Smalls Mount Prospect

    February 29, 2020 Day 23 Skiers: Carla Envision yourself walking on a wooded trail under a canopy of snow blanketed trees, when suddenly the trail emerges into a clearing and you find yourself before a tiny ski slope that minutes before you had no sight of. Imagine this storybook setting piled...
  3. NH Talls & Smalls Black Mountain

    NH Talls & Smalls Black Mountain

    February 26, 2020 Day 22 Skiers: Carla & Tim Black Mountain in Jackson NH is a hidden gem along historic Route 16. Established with a rope tow by Moody’s Inn in 1935, it transitioned over the years to Whitneys’, then to Black Mountain in 1995. It is one of the oldest ski areas in the state, and...
  4. NH Talls & Smalls Mount Sunapee

    NH Talls & Smalls Mount Sunapee

    February 23, 2020 Day 21 Skiers: Carla Mount Sunapee is the largest ski resort in southern NH. Boasting a 1,510’ vertical drop and 67 trails over 233 acres. Initially developed in 1948 and operated by the State of NH, Sunapee is now operated by Vail Resorts and is part of the Epic Pass. I used...
  5. NH Talls & Smalls Arrowhead

    NH Talls & Smalls Arrowhead

    February 21, 2020 Day 20 Skiers: Carla Arrowhead is a lovely small ski area in the City of Claremont NH, just across the border from VT. It first operated as the Kings Arrow Ski Area in 1962, then in later years the name changed to Arrowhead with operations provided by the local Kiwanis Club...
  6. NH Talls & Smalls: Cannon & Mittersill

    NH Talls & Smalls: Cannon & Mittersill

    February 15, 2020 Day 19 Skiers: Carla & Tim Cannon is by far an iconic, classic, rugged, old school, no-frills mountain with a well-deserved reputation for being notoriously cold, windy, and icy. Cannon fans are hard-core who love steep groomers, tight glades, and secret off-piste stashes. The...
  7. NH Talls & Smalls Abenaki Ski Area

    NH Talls & Smalls Abenaki Ski Area

    February 2, 2020 Day 15 Skiers: Carla I am officially at the half way point for the NH Talls & Smalls ski adventure! Today I visited another small for #15. Abenaki Ski Area is a community owned and operated ski area in Wolfeboro. Abenaki is the oldest small ski area in America, as well as one...
  8. NH Talls & Smalls Crotched Mountain

    NH Talls & Smalls Crotched Mountain

    January 19, 2020 Day 12 Skiers: Carla & Tim Today we visited another new mountain for our Talls & Smalls adventure to ski every ski area in NH. Crotched Mountain is located in the town of Bennington in the southwest corner of the state. Our drive here took us through the towns of New Boston and...
  9. NH Talls & Smalls Loon

    NH Talls & Smalls Loon

    January 1, 2020 Day 9 Skiers: Carla, Tim, & Erica No better way to kick off the New Year than a visit to Loon for our NH Talls & Smalls Adventure! Loon is located in the town of Lincoln and surrounded by the Pemigewasset Wilderness. The ski area expands across three peaks, and include three...
  10. NH Talls & Smalls Red Hill Ski Area

    NH Talls & Smalls Red Hill Ski Area

    December 31, 2019 Day 8 Skiers: Carla I had the pleasure of visiting Red Hill Ski Area on their opening day of the 19/20 ski season for my NH Talls & Smalls Adventure. I have been following the Red Hill Ski Club on Facebook and was excited to read they would be open, as most of the smaller...
  11. NH Talls & Smalls the Kanc Rec Area

    NH Talls & Smalls the Kanc Rec Area

    December 30, 2019 Day 7 Skiers: Carla The Kanc is a tiny local ski hill owned by the Town of Lincoln, and operated by the Lincoln—Woodstock Recreation Department. I feel so fortunate to call Lincoln my second hometown and I visit this area often, at the amazing discounted resident rate of $5...
  12. NH Talls & Smalls Attitash

    NH Talls & Smalls Attitash

    December 29, 2019 Day 6 Skiers: Carla & Tim Today was a gamble on conditions from the aftermath of varying temps with thaws & refreezes. 12/27-12/28 I absolutely would not have skied anywhere in the state! Conditions where slick, iced, and calling it “dust on crust” would be far too generous...
  13. NH Talls & Smalls King Pine

    NH Talls & Smalls King Pine

    December 22, 2019 Day 5 Skiers: Carla & Tim Today we visited King Pine Ski Area in Madison for our NH Talls & Smalls Adventure. Neither Tim nor I have skied here before and were excited to check out another new mountain. King Pine is part of Purity Springs, a family owned resort with an inn...
  14. NH Talls & Smalls Ski Adventure 19/20

    NH Talls & Smalls Ski Adventure 19/20

    Introduction: Growing up in NH and raising my family here is pretty meaningful. Our tiny state is beautiful from mountains to shore. We have a wealth of outdoor recreational activities available year-round, and winter by far has always been my favorite season. I first learned to ski at Highlands...
  15. frontfive

    New England NH alpine areas big & small, building a comprehensive list

    Hi all- been a while since I've posted but I'm here & stoked to plan my 19/20 season! I am mixing it up this season & decided as a NH girl its time to fully ski every alpine area big & small in the state. I have full freedom, not tied to any season passes, and creative ideas to maximize...
  16. SallyCat

    New England Driving in the White Mountains Question

    Hi, I could use some info about winter driving in the Whites. Specifically, I will be living in East Haverhill this winter, which is to the west of Mt. Moosilauke. There are a ton of ski areas "nearby," but as someone who hasn't yet spent a winter in the region, I'm not sure what roads are...
  17. Doug Briggs

    A Tuckerman Ravine Story

    Earlier this week a skier fell into crevasse in Tuckerman Ravine. Here is his story: What It’s Like to Fall 60 Feet Into a Crevasse and Claw Your Way Out
  18. LiquidFeet

    Avalanche death on Mt. Washington NH

    Yesterday a man died in an avalanche in Ramond Cataract near Tuckerman Ravine. Raymond Cataract is located northeast of Tuckerman Ravine and is between it and Huntington Ravine. Longtime Mount Washington Valley climbing guide Rick Wilcox: "Raymond Cataract is a very narrow ravine, he said...
  19. Bill Talbot

    Okemo, Mount Sunapee and crested butte are now Epic!

  20. john petersen

    Tuckerman's Ravine in June?

    yup. but not by me....Our camp director joined one of our mountain trips and lugged his ski stuff up the ravine trail, booted up and made something like 6 turns. I am jealous! He is not so sure that it was worth the effort, but did have a smile on his face when telling the story...