ski photography

  1. raisingarizona

    An Arizona Photo Essay

    It was one heck of a season all across the west and we reaped the benefits as well down here in Arizona. These are some of my favorite photos from this season and although I have posted these in the Four Corners thread I figured a lot of folks that don’t visit that thread might appreciate seeing...
  2. CalG

    Patrol, Hard at work! (photo)

    Someone needs to know it's safe! ;-) my son, doing what he does.
  3. karlo

    Tips for Winter Photography (with a Phone Camera)

    I noticed this article regarding winter photography. The key areas the writer discusses are: Exposure: I have a Lumia with full-manual capabilities. The iPhone 5s I have been playing with has...
  4. Philpug

    Falling...lets see some of your best..and worst falls.

    I believe @Max Capacity took this one of me at Okemo at the bottom of Forrest Bump. I will post more...many more as the thread builds. I will not post pics of others without their written consent...or unless I am into my 3rd glass of :rocks:, which ever comes first.
  5. Jim Kenney

    2018 Favorite Pugskier Pics

    I am going to try to dig through my Seagate drive for some of my better photos of PugSkiers from the 2018 season. If anyone else wants to post some of theirs, feel free to do so. JohnL, Timberline, WV February, Laurel Mtn, PA, L-R: son of Laurel Hill Crazie, son of Marcus, Marcus, JimK, Mrs...
  6. Tricia

    The Pugski Instagram Rossignol Glove Giveaway

    In case you missed it, we had a Rossignol Spring Glove Giveaway on Instagram. The entries were put into a random drawing to win a pair of Rossignol spring gloves with throwback graphics. The winning draw was from @Alba Adventures submitted by Alicia Alba It looked like the Alba family had...
  7. pack21

    Action Camera Quick Release - project Pack21

    Hello everyone, I would like to share my project that I have in progress, in order to facilitate the use of Action Cameras in skiing. Because I had this idea: - Gloves do not work well with the Action cameras connectors - The Action Cameras stop working after a prolonged exposure to very low...
  8. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored How To Take Great Ski Photos With Just Your Phone

    Are you ever browsing social media and think to yourself, "how did they get such an amazing shot?" It's easier than you think. This week on Chairlift Chat our Utah contributor, Drew, checks in with his guide to taking great ski photos with just your phone.
  9. Frankly

    Just Found an Old Picture

    My old jumping skis from Clarkson College of Technology. I wasn’t much of a jumper compared to the Squareheads our betters at St.Lawrence used to import. Jimmy Carter era. Share your pix, I’ve been editing....
  10. 4ster

    Trip Reports Backcountry photos, videos, patch skiing and other stoke!

    Highlights from this season. [to come]
  11. dean_spirito

    Best Ski Crash Photos

    We all do it. We try not to, but no matter how skilled of a skier you may be, you are going to take a fall at some point. While some crashes can be painful and serious, most are harmless and rather funny. I've seen spectacularly graceful falls as well as spectacularly awkward falls. Post...
  12. Mike King

    Photo of the day...

    Tricia suggested that I start a photo of the day thread here -- so here it is. I don't have enough quality photos to meet this mandate, but perhaps others can contribute as well? Here's photo one: Mount Moran on an amazing fall day... Mike
  13. Dave Petersen

    Anyone else make ski-themed artwork?

    A lot of you have probably seen these on the pic-Eay ki-Say site. Just curious if there are other artists/designers out there and I would like to see some of your work!
  14. Dadskier

    Post your retro ski pic

    Post the oldest photo(s) you have of yourself skiing Backyard in Maine 1970 -ish German Alps, likely Garmish 1972