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ski racing

  1. 2022 HERoic Killington Cup p/b Stifel

    2022 HERoic Killington Cup p/b Stifel

    Greetings from Killington, Vermont, where the best technical skiers in the FIS women's ecosystem are here to race two FIS World Cup races! The hill looks good, and word from the course crew is that the surface is smooth and grippy. They're keeping all but the essential FIS crew off of Superstar...
  2. Vicmoto

    The best High School for skiing at the US (and Canada)?

    Dear all, I'm considering sending my 15 years old daughter for the next school year to the US, COVID willing, to improve both her English and her skiing. Canada would also be an option. I would appreciate any advice regarding High Schools with a decent ski program. I'm not looking for top stuff...
  3. D

    Should Ski Cross be an Alpine Discipline?

    https://www.skiracing.com/features/should-ski-cross-be-an-alpine-discipline Interesting, would love to hear comments. Wish we could brainstorm and test several alternative disciplines. It'd be great to figure out some new way to challenge all around skiers while hopefully minimizing the...
  4. Marten

    CARV and Snowcookie for race coaching?

    Is there any race coach that have experience of digital coaching devices? Like CARV https://getcarv.com/ or Snowcookie https://snowcookiesports.com/ Is there any use of them in race coaching? Is there relevant data for racers? I find that type of gadgets interesting, it could be helpful in the...
  5. Snuckerpooks

    Buying Demo Day Race Skis?

    So here in Japan I was talking to my regional HEAD representative. And he said that outside of sponsored athletes, Japan will not be importing race skis from overseas. HEAD will import other models for general skiers, but RD models will not be imported. So I was then asked... "After demo days...
  6. ScotsSkier

    NBC Snow Sports Gold - $9.99 now till August 1

    For anyone that is bored from quarantine/stay in place etc and wants to watch some ski racing you can now get NBC snow sports gold through to August 1, with replays of all the 19/20 races, for $9.99
  7. Philpug

    World Pro Ski Tour Taos World Championships Canceled

    WORLD PRO SKI TOUR TAOS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS CANCELED March 13, 2020 – Denver, CO – Taos Ski Valley announced today that they will close early for the season this Sunday, March 22, due to heightened concerns over health and safety. All remaining events at the ski resort will be canceled...
  8. Mike King

    Nastar Nationals Cancelled

    Bummer. Press release to follow.
  9. asolo

    Mt.Hood race camps

    What are your favorite race camps at Mt.Hood? The timeframe is from May to ... as long as there is snow. (this is for an adult first year masters racer)
  10. BClipped

    Wendy Holdener race skis - new Heads?

    Spotted these today in the Kranjska Gora slalom - not the usual i.SL RD markings on Wendy’s skis... Something new?
  11. focker

    GS Racing question: Warming up vs wasting fresh wax

    Just pondering something. How do you racers feel about the need to warm up vs potentially slowing down your skis by taking too many runs on the fresh wax? I spend a ton of time waxing each week, but I can feel my skis get a bit slower after every run. I've been leaning more towards less warm...
  12. HomeLight Killington Cup 2019

    HomeLight Killington Cup 2019

    Editor's Note: the formatting on this article may look a little funky as we work some kinks out of the updated system. All photos by @AaronFM unless otherwise noted. - RR The fourth edition of the Audi FIS Alpine Killington Cup sponsored by HomeLight is ready to roll tomorrow in Vermont...
  13. smoothrides

    Smooth Rides Celebrating 10 Years in Tuning

    Ten years ago this month we bought an old bread truck and our first stone grinder, and just like that Smooth Rides was officially tuning skis door-to-door. This picture was right after we had the logos installed and we were ready for business. Things have changed like crazy over the years with...
  14. 4ster

    World Cup 2019/20 Season WOMEN

    Hoping this season that we can have one thread for Men & a second for Women pertaining to all things World Cup. Where, when, who, what & how to watch. Training, predictions, performance, technique, tactics, injuries & results. Whatever it is you can post in the appropriate thread. There is...
  15. 4ster

    World Cup 2019/20 Season MEN

    Hoping this season that we can have one thread for Men & a second for Women pertaining to all things World Cup. Where, when, who, what & how to watch. Training, predictions, performance, technique, tactics, injuries & results. Whatever it is you can post in the appropriate thread. This will be...
  16. ScotsSkier

    ScotsSkier moves to Augment Skis!

    One of the things not too many people other than those connected to ski racing at the very top levels realize is that there are race skis, good race skis and podium winning race skis. And for most racers , (even at USST level!) getting the top level skis can be virtually impossible. And the...
  17. Primoz


    Considering today is not 1st of April (or did I miss something? ), this article looks super weird. https://mobil.krone.at/1987313 Hirscher is going to have his press conference only next Wednesday (4.9.),where he will tell if he's done or he will continue for another year, but this article...
  18. Philpug

    World number one skier, Mikaela Shiffrin, joins adidas

    The number one Alpine skier in the world, Mikaela Shiffrin, joins adidas in a multi-year partnership that will centre around her training regime and inspiring the next generation of creators. … The 24-year-old Colorado native is one of the world’s leading athletes, with a record-breaking 17...
  19. Tricia

    Mikaela's new home

    Mikaela's new home is being featured on At Home with Natalie.
  20. Dave Petersen

    Who needs a mountain anyway? Ski stars with humble beginnings...

    I was fortunate enough to meet Billy Kidd a couple weeks ago at the Colorado Snowsports Museum in Vail. We were discussing who needs a mountain to start a ski career? Apparently not these athletes (although by Midwest standards Lutsen is a mountain!). Who am I overlooking??? I'm sure there are...