ski training

  1. Mike King

    Sebastien Michel!

    From the Rookies Academy. One of these years I hope to make to Rookies. Skiing with folk like this would be the reason! Oh, paging @markojp And might a moderator correct my spelling of his first name? Apologies.
  2. Living Proof

    Sold Harb Carvers - Pro Model

    While cleaning my garage in preparation for moving, I found a pair of Harb Carvers that have been unused for many years. I only used them 2 or 3 times, they are still in excellent condition. For those unfamiliar, and that would include all who are not students of PMTS, Harald Harb developed...
  3. Speeder

    How do you Train to Improve Glide in DH and SG?

    I was just watching some old video of Hermann Maier and the commentator (Karen Lee Gartiner) mentioned that he had successfully improved his gliding skills between seasons. Beyond a slippery tuck and trying to keep your skis flat and swimming what elements make comprise good gliding skills...
  4. Steve

    Fun training on indoor ski simulator