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  1. Overview of Toko Alpine Ski Vises

    Review: Overview of Toko Alpine Ski Vises

    There are a lot of Alpine Vises out there and it can be confusing to know what the differences are between them. There are 4 main Toko Alpine Ski vises. They are Ski Vise Express, Ski Vise Race, Ski Vise World Cup, and Ski Vise Freeride. Here is a summary of these vises and their differences...
  2. Kbat117

    Starter tune kit

    So I'm looking to start turning my own skis. I'm not sure how crazy I want to get with it. I have waxed before and cleaned up edges with a gummi stone at my work but want to do more on my own. Suggestions for a kit for a budget minded recreational skier? Would like an iron, scraper, brushes...
  3. M

    Basics for edging and waxing?

    Hello I posted a couple of months ago the thread about is it worth it to wax kids skis. So I ordered a big bar of purl (purple all temp wax). Now I need to get an iron and some tools. I am a hands on do it your selfer and will just be edging and waxing my and my kids skis, we are just...