ski with a pug

  1. udailey

    Summit County Feb 23-26 looking for a skiing partner

    I am arriving on Fubruary 22 and leaving 27 but skiing 23-26. Will ski Copper/Cooper/Keystone/ABasin. Might drop the Cooper day for a second ABasin day. Would love to have a skiing partner for a day or two especially at Keystone where I will ski the bowl/trees and prefer, well wont ski without...
  2. Jim Kenney

    Grand Targhee day during 2020 Gathering week at Jackson

    Forgive me if this has already been resolved. I'm trying to clarify my plans and wanted to confirm that a group of PugSki members are going to ski at Grand Targhee on Friday, Feb 28. - Is the date of Feb 28 correct? - I'll have a car and could possibly give two people a ride over and back...
  3. Jim Kenney

    SLC skier meet-up 2020

    Stealing this thread idea from @Ron at Steamboat and plagiarizing him too:thumb: The idea is to offer a thread to facilitate meet-ups for anyone planning on skiing resorts near Salt Lake City this season? I'll be skiing at Snowbird and Park City quite a bit over the next few months and could...
  4. dbostedo

    Arizona/New Mexico The Taos Mini-Gathering 2020 Wasn't So "Mini"

    Kachina Peak in some wind and clouds during the Gathering Two season ago (2017-2018) there were rumblings of a Gathering at Taos, but the low snow year kept it from happening (well, I still went, and the Grumps were there, but no one else ogsmile). Last year, there was a better snow year, and...
  5. Tricia

    Best chairlift conversations you've experienced

    We have the thread about filling a quad with the three people you'd like to ride a chair with, but here is another twist. Have you ever been on a chairlift with people who've had a conversation that made you think.... "This is a conversation to be remembered."? Mine: I was on a triple chair...
  6. Philpug

    The S.S. Pugski has a whole new look

    We have expanded our partnership with the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame and with their help and a donation on our end to the cause we were able to get the word out with the help of some other sponsors like Pret, Kulkea and Salomon. A big thank you also needs to be extended to @Dave...