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  1. PowellMovement

    Scot Schmidt and Glen Plake on The Powell Movement Podcast

    Hey Pugski, Hope everyone is getting psyched, the season is near....looks like it is here in some places. Anyways, I've been podcasting away and have a lot of content for you to check out if you like hearing about skiers and thier stories. Here are the most recent, I think you will enjoy...
  2. Dave Petersen

    All Things Elan

    All Things Elan Elan Skis Stenmark Photos from the Internet
  3. Dave Petersen

    All Things Glen Plake

    All Things Glen Plake Powder Magazine Centerfold (with Mike Hattrup) POWDER Nov 1986
  4. Dave Petersen

    All Things Raichle

    All Things Raichle Raichle Ski Boots
  5. Dave Petersen

    All Things K2

    All Things K2 K2 Skis and Ski Boots A good portion of these initial ads are scans from my collection of SKI, SKIING, Powder, Freeze, and Snow Country magazines.
  6. Dave Petersen

    All Things Look

    All Things Look Look Ski Bindings, Skis, and Ski Poles 1975...Remember those cards you could mail in from Ski and Skiing magazines where you requested further information from the advertisers?? When I was kid I would circle all of the the numbers to request everything.