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  1. Homage to the Fixed-Grip Chair

    Homage to the Fixed-Grip Chair

    It’s tough to do a tribute to an existing thing, a current workhorse. Yes, we can lump fixed-grip chairs together with skinny skis, 8-tracks, my Dad’s ’64 Ford Galaxy, any number of old-tech memories. But while a lot of the things that moved or fueled our past don’t shine as brightly when we...
  2. Castle Dave

    UNOFFICIAL GUIDE: Castle Mountain Resort, AB

    Unofficial Guide to Castle Mountain Resort By: @Castle Dave Posted 5/16/14 • Last updated 5/16/14 Overview Castle is located in the very southwest corner of Alberta barely on the east side of the North American Continental Divide. It has a top elevation of 7462 feet, vertical of 2833 feet and...