south america ski stoke

  1. Mattadvproject

    International (Europe/Japan/Southern Hemisphere) Chile 2018 Trip Report - LIVE from the Andes

    Well, LIVE-ish or as live as I can make it! Currently I'm live, but who knows how long that will last for..... So, it's happening again; it's time to escape the heat and head down south to Chile for second winter. Yay second winter! Time for our annual blog to Chile and the documenting of our...
  2. jimtransition

    International (Europe/Japan/Southern Hemisphere) Chile/Argentina 2017

    As there's a thread for Aus/NZ, I thought I would start the South America stoke here! There was a good snowfall in the central andes last week, and it's 5 weeks until Portillo opens, can't wait. Anyone else headed down there this season?