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  1. Sibhusky

    Northern Rockies/Alberta 2023-2024 Inland NW (ID/WY/MT and AB) Ski Resorts/Conditions/Meetups

    Starting the discussion thread for eastern Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, Alberta and parts of British Columbia for the coming season. We're part of the Rockies, not the Pacific NW!
  2. Jnelly

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Schweitzer information...whats it like, comparable etc

    Trying to align a few days at Schweitzer (and the general area) but wanted to get a sense of what to expect there. I never see a ton of chatter about it (Schweitzer) but thought id toss it out there and see if anyone wants to add any tips or tid bits. Ive read various things that say its like...
  3. Nathanvg

    Airports to avoid

    For years I have avoided most regional airports. While regional airports can work great, when things go wrong it's a pretty horrible experience with long delays, major extra costs and sometimes canceled trips altogether. Recently, I became aware of government data on exactly how bad each...
  4. agreen

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Spokane area/Schweitzer

    My buddy and I do a trip to a different place each year. We try to find the more adventurous low-key non-resort type places and enjoy steeps and "hike-to" terrain. Due to ease of flights we have been mostly around SLC and Denver with one trip to Taos. This season we wanted to branch out a bit...