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  1. I

    Stockli SC length advise

    Hi Everybody. New here looking for some advice. I ski 90% east coast (New York). I demoed a pair of 2024 Stockli LaserSC last weekend and fell in love. I need to have a pair. I demoed a 170 and loved them. Foolishly I didn’t try the 163 and am regretting that decision. I just felt because of my...
  2. C

    Stockli SR88 Bindings

    Those of you that have SR88's, what bindings are you using?
  3. C

    Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti / Head E-Race Pro / Stockli Laser SC

    I tried the Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti's (167cm) and Head E-Race Pro's (170cm) this weekend at Tremblant's Super Demo day. The conditions were far from ideal for both skis - About 5-10cm of fresh heavy snow which caused the runs to soon become filled with random piles of snow and later moguls...
  4. R

    What to Do?

    Hi there, Last summer I purchased a new V76 after seeing here, I had a chance riding it few weeks ago but literally hated it. After riding Laser AR for 10 days with abundant levels of adrenaline, V76 is something not even worth to drive up to the mountain for me (hope I don’t get lot of hate)...
  5. Battle of the Premium 80mm Skis: Part Deux

    Review: Battle of the Premium 80mm Skis: Part Deux

    The category of premium 80mm skis always impresses. Last year we talked about the Augment All Mountain 77, DPS Alchemist 79, and Renoun Atlas 80 along with the reference ski Stöckli Laser AX. We also discussed some other considerations if you would like to revisit the previous article. For...
  6. C

    High Performance Carving Ski - Looking For Something New - Stockli Laser SC

    Hi everyone, I'm a 25 year old level 3 ski instructor from Montreal, Canada. I've been skiing on my 2010 Salomon 24 Hours (162cm) for the past 8 years and absolutely love them. I know they are a bit short for my height / weight of 5'11 (180cm) / 170lbs (77kg) though they've been great to me. I...
  7. Tony S

    Comparison Review A Tale of Two Stöcklis

    I got a good dose of Stöckli miles in during my "Covid Consolation" week at Squaw last month (first week in May). Thought it might be worthwhile to share. I'm tagging @Wendy here because she was interested in my summary. Skied with lots of great Pugs along the way. All in all I spent six days...
  8. David Orr

    Stockli SL's or Atomic Redster S9 and/or Atomic Redster X9 WB?

    Thinking of adding a pair of Stockli SL's @165 cm OR adding BOTH the Atomic Redster S9 @ 165m AND the Atomic Redster X9 WB @ 168cm I demoed both the Atomics this past year. Loved the s9 for learning to carve short radius turns and holding an edge on icy/frozen man-made granular in the...
  9. C

    2020 Stockli Stormrider 88 v. 2021 Stockli Stormrider 88

    Hi all-- I hope everyone is safe and healthy...and enduring as best possible. I know there is a Stockli rep who often checks in at Pug Ski, I think her name is Lindsey, and was hoping that she or any one else with some insight Stockli could help me on this Stormrider 88 question. I am...
  10. Razorback

    Stockli Laser SC

    I´ve been reading a lot about Stockli Laser on this forum, and in some thread someone wrote that the newer Laser SC is a whole other ski than the older ones. So i still have an extremely good memory of the SC from 2011 (pictured below) when it was 63mm underfoot, that was absolutely one of the...
  11. J

    Stockli laser ax vs blizzard firebird hrc

    Curious if anyone has skied both of these and has impressions. I’m looking at both and would like to know thoughts. I’m a life long eastern skier, currently on head I-rally. Looking for hard snow, carving ski with lots of energy. Based on reviews, the blizzard seems like a slightly better fit...
  12. TimF

    2017 Stockli Laser Ax 175 cm w/ Tyrolia Attack 13

    12/9/19--I have taken these off the Market and will keep them for now. If you pick these up I will probably regret it in the long run. Fantastic ski and for me lives up to the hype. Great narrow all mountain ski with carving chops. I just don't ski it as much as I should. Mounted for BSL...
  13. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2020 Stockli Stormrider 88 Review

    This week on Chairlift Chat we talk about Stockli being a new brand for SkiEssentials.com and chat in depth about the Stormrider 88 and how it stacks up against a crowded field of competitors.
  14. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2020 SkiEssentials.com Ski Test Results

    Our 2020 Ski Test results are LIVE! This was our third annual ski test and we'e psyched with how it came out. We added another full day of testing at Stowe Mountain Resort, added over 10 testers, and that enabled us to increase the total skis from around 150 to 220 (actually 221). Take a...
  15. Captain Furious

    Stockli Stormrider 95 first impressions

    So, I purchased the Blizzard Rustler 9 recently and just didn't feel like it was the ski for me. It was way too "springy" for my tastes and tended to deflect around quite a bit. As a result, I went out and grabbed the ski I should've purchased from jump street, the Stormrider 95. First off...
  16. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2019 Stöckli Laser AX vs 2019 Liberty V-Series V76

    This comparison wasn't on my radar initially, but it was brought up by a few members who were considering both. So, how do these smaller, specialty brands stack up with their offerings of similar dimensions? Well, let's check 'em out. We will start with the golden one, the Stöckli Laser AX...
  17. surfsnowgirl

    LOOKING FOR Stockli Laser AX skis in a 175cm

    My SO demoed these last Saturday and I've never seen him so stoked to be on a pair of skis. Only 2 other times has he ever lit up like this 1) When he met me :roflmao: 2) When he demoed his 104 underfoot Meier Big Hosses He demoed the 2018-2019 model. If anyone has a pair or knows of a...
  18. D

    Stockli Laser SX FIS 2018

    Anyone been on the FIS version of The 2018 Stockli Laser SX? Wondering what the difference is between the FIS and non-FIS versions, other than turn radius and available lengths. Dave
  19. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2019 Kästle MX74 vs 2019 Stöckli Laser AX

    Stöckli vs Kästle, Kästle vs Stöckli, these are the comparisons that keep people coming to Pugski. I feel like a ring announcer in Vegas: "In this corner, measuring in at 74mm underfoot, the Kästle MmmmmmmX Sev-en-ty Fourrrrrrr, and in the far cornahhhh, measuring in at 77mm underfoot, the...
  20. skeejunky

    picking length of Stockli Laser AX

    Didn't really want to start a separate thread but might be for the best. Reviews both magazine and Pugski and general public really like the Laser AX as an all around high performance ski so I am looking to buy a pair. So do I go 168 or 175? So I am about 150 lbs (with boots and uniform) just...