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stöckli laser sx

  1. M

    Selecting the Ideal Length for the Stockli Laser SX

    Hello everyone, Here are some key details about me: I stand at a height of 173 cm and weigh 176 lb. I'm currently in the process of selecting my first Stockli ski. I'm looking for a ski that combines the characteristics of a GS and an SC ski, and the SX model seems to fit the bill perfectly...
  2. A

    Need help deciding between STÖCKLI laser SX, SC or WRT PRO

    Hey, I'm an intermediate to advanced skier, about 172 cm tall and 80 kg. From before, I have skied on a Nordica Dobermann Spitfire 76 Pro. 22/23 model. I'm looking at the Stockli Laser SC, SX, and WRT PRO models and need help deciding which one to pick. I like making short to medium turns, so...
  3. dawgcatching

    Ski blowout- Stockli and Blizzard

    Hey everyone, Sorry I haven't been posting: I have barely been skiing. Too much going on in my life right now! I hope to take advantage of spring conditions once things settle down: I was supposed to ski in Tahoe last week, but Bend got buried and I couldn't make it out of town. Ah well, life...
  4. D

    Stockli Laser SX FIS 2018

    Anyone been on the FIS version of The 2018 Stockli Laser SX? Wondering what the difference is between the FIS and non-FIS versions, other than turn radius and available lengths. Dave
  5. Doug Briggs

    Comparison Review Doug Briggs' 2019 Thumbnail Reviews: 75-95mm Frontside Skis

    Atomic Vantage 86 C Dimensions: *123-86-106.5 Radius: 18.2@173cm Sizes: 157, 165, 173, 181 Size tested: 181 Design: All New *scaled sizing The Vantage 86 C has great grip and is a fun ski to rip on. It does have a tendency to want to finish turns sooner than I intend, so stay on top of these to...
  6. SkiTalk Test Team

    The Never-Ending Stöckli Discussion

    Stöckli Laser AX Dimensions: 123-78-110 Radius: 15.6m@175cm Sizes: 159, 167, 175, 183 Size tested: 175 Design: Carryover/NGT Ron: (from last year) The new AX represents the new class of narrow all-mountain skis. It has a very unique build with softish, slightly rockered tips but is quite stiff...