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ted ligety

  1. Ski sensation, Ted Ligety partners with CARV to revolutionise modern ski coaching

    Press Release: Ski sensation, Ted Ligety partners with CARV to revolutionise modern ski coaching

    Ski sensation, Ted Ligety partners with CARV to revolutionise modern ski coaching Two-time Olympic Gold medalist and five-time World Ski Champion Ted Ligety announces a new partnership with Carv to develop a groundbreaking coaching programme. London, 1 November, 2022 Today, two-time Olympic...
  2. Primoz


    Considering today is not 1st of April (or did I miss something? ), this article looks super weird. https://mobil.krone.at/1987313 Hirscher is going to have his press conference only next Wednesday (4.9.),where he will tell if he's done or he will continue for another year, but this article...
  3. RumbaRockette

    I think I have a new favorite skier to watch... Marcus Caston

    No tricks, just perfect technique. ⛷️
  4. B

    What can an intermediate learn from Ted Ligety?

    OK, this is an old video, from last summer. But...what can an intermediate skier take away from it? For myself, I see how he loads the ski progressively throughout the turn. Anything else? Maybe pulling the inside (uphill) leg back? And...do I spy a hip dump or 3?
  5. Black Dog

    Nastar Pacesetting Trials

    I noticed that in the National Pacecsetting Trials a few days ago at Copper that they gave everyone the same Handicap of .01 even though their times were very different. Just wondering what was the theory behind this. Anyone know? No sign of Ted Ligity this year. Here is a link to the results...
  6. James

    Spoiler: PyeongChang 2018 Olympics

    We need a dedicated thread. EDIT: Go ahead and post live results in this thread. do not read this thread if you don't want to know. It is simply too complicated between NBC's broadcast prime time, posters living From Australia/NZ, Japan, to the PNW, and the ability to live stream. Note...
  7. Started at 53


    I see that Steve Nyman participated in the training run today at Wengen He was one of eight American’s Ligety did as well. Nyman was the fastest.... of the American’s
  8. Black Dog

    Interesting Results at Nastar Pacesetting in Copper yesterday.

    Maybe they should put Casey Puckett back on the "A" team? Ted was 15th fastest..... sorted by best handicap) SORT BY: [By Age & Gender Category] [By Name] [All Results] Competitor Hometown Age & Gender Category Course Time Handicap Medal Casey Puckett Snowmass, CO Male 45-49 Yellow 17.78...
  9. L&AirC

    Helmets and Goggles

    It's time to replace my POC Helmet. I usually wear Smith Turbo Fan goggles and all is well. I would like to keep wearing the goggles but am thinking of moving to a Shred helmet. I was thinking either the Basher Ultimate or more than likely the Basher NoShock. Does anyone have any experience...
  10. 4ster

    Sölden! October 28th & 29th

    Looks like some good training conditions. 1:20 for Shiffrin & Ligety...
  11. Tricia

    Ted Ligety

    I'm going to put this here just because we haven't had a Ted Ligety chat in a while. This FB Page often makes videos private. For now its public so the link works.