timberline four season resort

  1. dbostedo

    Mid-Atlantic 2019-2020 Mid-Atlantic Resorts, Conditions, Weather, and Stoke

    :snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow::snow: Well it's almost November and we've seen some temps in the 30's here in DC.... so time for a new thread! Whitetail, Liberty, and Roundtop are now Epic.... Timberline won't be opening... Snowshoe goes into year...
  2. Dr. Bighair

    Mid-Atlantic Timberline, WV Under New Management

    It is 3 weeks from Timberline's advertised opening day, but their electricity, phones, and gas are still shut off because they haven't paid the bills. There is an ALJ hearing scheduled for Dec. 13th to decide whether or not to put their utility company into receivership and there are potential...