1. newfydog

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Timberline reopens!

    Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood will reopen May 15, the resort announced Tuesday, for both daytime visitors and overnight guests. But with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, visitors “must be prepared for something very different.”...
  2. asolo

    Where to ski in June, July, August

    Is Beartooth Basin (next to Yellowstone) any good? How is Timberline (Mt.Hood) this year with apparently low snowpack? I assume it has to freeze overnight (a function of clear skies) for the hardpack skiing conditions to form. Early July? Is Bariloche worth a $1500 plane ticket?
  3. Dr. Bighair

    Mid-Atlantic Timberline, WV Under New Management

    It is 3 weeks from Timberline's advertised opening day, but their electricity, phones, and gas are still shut off because they haven't paid the bills. There is an ALJ hearing scheduled for Dec. 13th to decide whether or not to put their utility company into receivership and there are potential...