1. Overview of Toko Alpine Ski Vises

    Review: Overview of Toko Alpine Ski Vises

    There are a lot of Alpine Vises out there and it can be confusing to know what the differences are between them. There are 4 main Toko Alpine Ski vises. They are Ski Vise Express, Ski Vise Race, Ski Vise World Cup, and Ski Vise Freeride. Here is a summary of these vises and their differences...
  2. Store or Sell?

    Store or Sell?

    Welcome to a skiers’ Springtime favorite game show, Store or Sell, where you get to decide if your ski gear is worth storing or selling to upgrade for next season! You need to determine what is worth keeping and what is worth passing on to others before you can put yourself in the bonus round...
  3. Philpug Announces Toko US as Official Wax and Tuning Supplier and Toko US are proud to announce a partnership for the 2020-21 season. Toko will be the official supplier of ski waxes and tuning supplies for's test fleet of skis. We at Pugski have always said that when testing a ski, the tune is taken into consideration and's...
  4. F

    Best wax scraper sharpening technique

    It's almost hard to believe how much a new plastic scraper works and shortens the work, than an old dull one. However, I have files, and I have guides. I think I should be able to file my plastic old scraper to a fine edge instead of buying a new one. Suggestions? Experience? Thanks.