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  1. Drahtguy Kevin

    Individual Review Long-Term Review: Kulkea Thermal Trekker Heated Boot Bag

    A heated boot bag is a piece of gear that you don’t realize you need until you use one. I first started using a heated bag about five years ago and couldn’t function without one now. Warm boots are one of life’s pleasures. My first heated bag is tattered, torn, and in shambles. It served me well...
  2. Living Proof

    Individual Review Transpack Double Pro Ski Bag

    I just finished my first ski trip using my new Transpack Ski Vault Double Pro ski bag, and, I am sold that this is the one bag to own for the ability to carry two sets of skis. It is far better than the Sport Tube Double bag that I had previously. The highlights of this bag are: - It is padded...
  3. Transpack Glen Plake bag

    Transpack Glen Plake bag

  4. Living Proof

    Skis For the Aspen Gathering

    It is getting to crunch time for those not living in Co. to decide what skis to bring to the Aspen Gathering nest week. Any local advice on how the mountains should be ski during that time? For sure, my Solly Q98's will be there for soft snow days, my other skis have a firm snow carving basis...
  5. Philpug

    EXCLUSIVE: Glen Plake Signs With Transpack!

    Remember when @DoryBreaux, @Tricia and I spent the day with the mohawked one? Well it wasn't to talk about the new Roxa boots or Elan skis, it was to talk about him signing with Transpack! HERE is the article from our front page. How is cool is it Pugski.com had the exclusive on this release, we...
  6. Glen Plake Signs With Transpack!

    Exclusive: Glen Plake Signs With Transpack!

    Backstory: About a month ago, I contacted Transpack about becoming a sponsor here at Pugski. During the conversation, Gene, the owner, mentioned that they had just signed Glen Plake and that Transpack would be coming out with a signature line. "Excuse me?" I said, "Could you repeat that?" Yes...
  7. Philpug

    Spent some time with Glen Plake today

    @Tricia, @DoryBreaux and I spent about 6 hours with the legend, Glen Plake today. We talked about his new partnership with Roxa along with another new partner which will be announced soon. We also talked about the state of the industry and have some great dialog that will be adding in the near...
  8. AaronFM

    Boot Bags

    I'm in the market for a boot bag/backpack. I've been using an LL Bean Ski Boot Duffell Bag for at least a decade, but am finding it unweildly to haul around and most days it's 1/2 empty. I'd like something where the boots are inside/protected with room inside for helmet, goggles, gloves...
  9. Philpug

    Welcome Transpack as a test product sponsor

    Transpack has supplied us with some gear for prizes, incentives, and testing. We have some product out in the field already to be tested, and hopefully we will see some reviews as soon as testers are ready to share their experiences. We also have some additional bags that will be used for other...
  10. Stephen

    Travel luggage opinions

    I travel by commercial air a decent amount with work and also travel for skiing. I've been through more luggage over the years than I care to think of. I've tried what I'd consider normal soft sided luggage as well as hard shell cases. I have been thinking of switching to a large roller duffle...
  11. Tricia

    Gadgety gadgets

    New products are on the market for skiers every day. Some are amazing, some are interesting and some are down right crazy. Some things that we may thing are a bit extravagant may become a part of our every day ski experience, while some fade away to a land of lost and forgotten ski stuff. I...
  12. Philpug

    Individual Review 2016 Transpack Heated Boot Pro Bag

    Transpack has long been a leader in boot bag/backpack integration, and the new Heated Boot Pro is its first endeavor into heated bags. I remember when @Tricia bought me my first heated boot bag, I thought it was the most ostentatious piece of gear out there. Now I will not go to the mountain...
  13. Living Proof

    Proven Gear Winners

    While there is always a lot of buzz about new gear, and for purposes of this thread lets include both hard and soft goods, but, there are many products still in use that have stood the test of time and continue to be top shelf. Let's identify some and the reasons why. I start by nominating...
  14. Living Proof

    Sport Tubes...Yea or Nea

    For those not familiar with Sport Tubes, it is a hard-shell plastic case to carry skis on flights. It splits into two halves which slide together, the skis put into it, and then a pin secures the two pieces back together. It does have rollers,so it is fairly easy to drag through the airport...
  15. Jed Peters

    Review: Transpack Competition Pro Boot/Gear Bag

    Why would someone want a boot/gear bag so massive that they can literally haul all their stuff plus their kids’ stuff up to the mountain and yet not be able to carry it on an airplane because it is so massive? I asked myself this question at the airport, shortly before boarding a plane to...