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trek bicycles

  1. Cannondale Habit Neo 2 vs Trek E-Caliber 9.6, Firepower vs MPG

    Review: Cannondale Habit Neo 2 vs Trek E-Caliber 9.6, Firepower vs MPG

    Electric assist mountain bikes (eMTB from this point on in the article) in the $6-7K segment like my Cannondale Habit Neo 2 are the most popular and fastest growing segment of mountain bikes offered today - if you can find one. This Cage Match could easily be a comparison between Trek Rail...
  2. Tricia

    When Katerina Nash comes to town - Tricia's journey back into biking

    About a week ago I was hanging out on Pugski, reading the Mountain Biking 2018 stoke thread, feeling guilty for leaving my bike in the shed. I mean, the bike wants to get out and get dirty, right? Then, out of the blue, I get a text from a friend. "Hey, you should come to the Katerina Nash...
  3. Philpug

    Lets See Your Trusty Steed

    What bike are you riding now? Mountain? Road? City? Post pics of your bikes and lets hear about them. Klein Attitude SS that @Tricia Giant Trance X is my FS, mostly SLX-XT mix. Tricia's Trek Fuel. I will say that I love the Yakima Hold Up rack.