1. The Best Value/Sleeper Bindings for 2022/23

    Review: The Best Value/Sleeper Bindings for 2022/23

    When it comes to discussing bindings, there are few sites that go down the rabbit hole or into the weeds like SkiTalk, and here is another binding piece that dives into the details. We’ve discussed before what you gain when you purchase pricier bindings: You are not so much buying a bigger...
  2. Tyrolia Protector Series of Bindings

    Preview: Tyrolia Protector Series of Bindings

    Background: There is an old saying, the early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese. Tyrolia’s new Protector binding is the epitome of being a second mouse. No, Tyrolia is NOT the first binding to offer lateral release from the heel; this concept goes way back to the plate...
  3. lpbskinner

    Issue With Tyrolia Attack 16 Bindings

    Got a pair of skis from a buddy, and one of the heel pieces is off of the rail. When I try to slide it back on, the extrusions on the bottom of the tab hit the rail and it can't slide on. Are these toast? Or do I just have to bring it into a shop?
  4. Debunking Demo Bindings

    Debunking Demo Bindings

    Demo bindings are not new to the ski industry; they have been around in one form or another since starting as rental bindings in the mid-1970s. In the ski rental world, performance meant that a technician might save 30 sec adjusting the binding; on-snow performance was not really a priority...
  5. Chip

    New skis for the wife

    Looking at the Blizzard Sheeva 9's for my wife. I'm thinking about pairing them up with the Tyrolia SX 10 bindings. Will these bindings work with a 90mm brake?
  6. Philpug

    What is the oldest binding you would still use?

    I was bored and threw this out on Facebook and it grew legs so I will ask here. What is the oldest binding you would feel confident in using? Indemnification..inshmenification...IMHO, there are bindings that are no longer indemnified that really are jsut as goo..and safe as any new binding...
  7. Philpug

    Comparison Review 2018 Tyrolia Bindings

    MODELSTAND HEIGHT (mm)SETTING RANGEWEIGHT (g/pr)STANDARD BRAKE SIZES (mm)OPTIONAL BRAKE SIZES (mm)SOLE COMPATIBILITYCOLORS Attack2 11 GW213-11180090, 10078, 115DIN, GripWalkWhite/Silver, Red, Green, Black Attack2 12 GW173.5-12207085, 95, 110130, 150DIN, GripWalkMatte White Attack2 13...
  8. 1chris5

    Individual Review Dynastar Glory 84 & AAAttack 11 sorta review

    2016 Dynastar Glory 84 / AAAttack 11 skis and bindings review (but can't review on snow yet) My better half needed new skis (intermediate skier [maybe level 5]; athletic; intuitively good skier without any lessons (also IMHO totally hot). Started years ago on snow blades but learned that they...
  9. Dave Petersen

    All Things Tyrolia

    All Things Tyrolia Tyrolia Ski Bindings and Skis