völkl deacon 74

  1. dovski

    Völkl V-werks Code UVO vs. New Deacon

    Can anyone give a good comparison on the new Völkl Deacon or Deacon Pro (either 74 or 76) to last year's Völkl V-werks Code UVO. I know that the Deacon replaces the Code in the Völkl line up, but curious as to how big a change it is. Also given the materials in the V-werks version of the code...
  2. SkiTalk Test Team

    2019 Völkl

    Völkl Deacon 74 Dimensions: 125-74-104 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 163, 168, 173, 178 Size tested: 178 Design: All New Drahtguy Kevin: Völkl introduced these new skis with a big online campaign. I was excited to see what the big deal was. Both models have the same damp, quiet ride that is solid...