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  1. Sibhusky

    Northern Rockies/Alberta 2023-2024 Inland NW (ID/WY/MT and AB) Ski Resorts/Conditions/Meetups

    Starting the discussion thread for eastern Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, Alberta and parts of British Columbia for the coming season. We're part of the Rockies, not the Pacific NW!
  2. Sibhusky

    Tree well death at Whitefish

    https://flatheadbeacon.com/2021/02/26/kalispell-man-dies-after-falling-into-tree-well-on-big-mountain/ Extract: A Kalispell man died Friday after falling into a tree well just beyond the ski area boundary at Whitefish Mountain Resort (WMR), prompting a search-and-rescue effort that ended in...
  3. Nathanvg

    Airports to avoid

    For years I have avoided most regional airports. While regional airports can work great, when things go wrong it's a pretty horrible experience with long delays, major extra costs and sometimes canceled trips altogether. Recently, I became aware of government data on exactly how bad each...
  4. Sibhusky

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Montana Ski Area report

    Those of you who are local to, or "regulars" at Montana ski areas, and who love to get into the nitty gritty details about your favorite resort (this may only apply to me), can get the latest tourism study about six of the areas here...
  5. ejj

    Colorado Recommended resorts for New Year’s trip—Rockies?

    Cheers gang, we typically drive to Big Sky every spring, but this year we plan to do something different over the New Year period. I’m looking for suggestions That will typically ski well at this time, I.e. decent snow cover and not too cold. We would drive to the front range from MN. Or we...
  6. Bad Bob

    Nat Geo list Best ski Towns

    Found this today and thought it would be a great way to stir-up Pugski a bit while we all (or at least most of us) wait for snow. If anybody knows "Places" it ought to be National Geographics. Here are their picks for best ski towns. Have been to most of the North American selections and agreed...