wildcat ski area

  1. frontfive

    New England NH alpine areas big & small, building a comprehensive list

    Hi all- been a while since I've posted but I'm here & stoked to plan my 19/20 season! I am mixing it up this season & decided as a NH girl its time to fully ski every alpine area big & small in the state. I have full freedom, not tied to any season passes, and creative ideas to maximize...
  2. LKLA

    New England 2018/19 Northeast

    Mount Snow opens this Saturday, October 27, with more available terrain than any resort in the Northeast with skiing and riding from top to bottom. Killington opened on October 19 and currently has three trails open ahead of this weekend - Rime, Reason and Upper East Fall - all for...
  3. Wilhelmson

    Most Expensive Window Rates and Value

    It seems that at least half of the mountains in the Northeast now charge over $100 for a day ticket at the window. The most expensive I could find was Stratton at $115. With the understanding that pre-ordering a nonrefundable ticket online would save some money, what are the highest...