Cage Match Comparison 2017 Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti vs 2017 Völkl Speedwall SL UVO


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Nov 1, 2015
Reno, eNVy
This is a great case of "Don’t look at what they are, look at what they do."

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 3.31.45 PM.png

First, get past the race-like graphics; these are not race skis. Just look at the bindings, which are the same systems these manufacturers offer on skis even into the 80mm range. Instead, these are technical skis for the all-mountain skier, hard-snow scalpels that can be free-skied all day on firm conditions. Skis in this class are for skiers who think they want a race ski but either don’t need a real race ski or don’t (yet) have the tools to ski one. These are race skis with training wheels, gateway skis either to a true race ski or to the euphoria of a pure carve.

Picking between the Rossi and Völkl is tough because they are much more similar than they are different. A high-quality tune will make more of a difference than the colors on the topsheet. I skied the Rossignol last year at Mammoth; I haven’t skied the Völkl in a year plus, but when I did, it was also at Mammoth. What I do recall is the Rossi is a bit spriter in feel and pop; the more you load it up, the more it launches across the hill. The Völkl has more dampening, which yes comes from the UVO. Now, I cannot say I have skied it both with and without the UVO, but in talking to some racers who did, they affirm that there is a difference; it makes the tip quieter on snow, a feel that actually was more prevalent in short turns than GS turns, which I thought would be the opposite.
  • Why choose the Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti? If you prefer shorter to short radius turns, nth-degree accuracy across the hill, bunny-like quickness. The binding has 4° delta and a speedy tool-less adjustment, and is WTR-compatible.
  • Why choose the Völkl RT Speedwall SL UVO? With a 6mm-narrower tail, the damp and smooth Völkl excels at short to medium-short radius turns. Its binding has a worm adjustment and 0° ramp.
  • Other skis in the class: Head WC Rebels i.SL/iRace, Atomic Redster Doubledeck 3.0SL, Blizzard SRC Racing, Stöckli Laser SC.


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Nov 12, 2015
Belleville, Ontario,/ Mont Tremblant, Quebec
I too know nothing about the Volkl, but ski the little brother, the Hero Elite ST Carbon. Same measurements, no Titanal. Love this ski for east coast hard pack and narrow new england style trails. But you can do big high speed turns, just hang on...

Tony S

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Nov 14, 2015
What sizes did you ski these in, if you remember, Phil?