2021 Black Crows Justis

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Mar 5, 2017
Philpug: Finally I got see what others have seen in how a Black Crow should ski. After numerous attempts over the years with little success I was finally able to get on a Black Crow that skied up to expectations. I got on the 183…err, 183.1cm 100mm…err, 10.0cm wide, Justis in Colorado in conditions that allowed the ski to show its best attributes: late day 4-6” of cut up snow. The Justis did the Black Crows' name just that, Justis. The all new design handled these variable conditions with power and confidence. If you are looking for a ski that won’t take any guff from the mountain and will punch it in the throat, look no further. The Justis is your ticket to ride.
  • Insider tip: Duh, Pivot 15 in gold. Easy Peazy.
Who is it for?
Those looking for a charger that is not a main stream brand.
Who is it not for?
Finesse skiers might get overwhelmed by this one.
Skier ability
Advanced, Expert
Ski category
All Mountain
Ski attributes
Off Piste, Trees


Available sizes
171, 177, 183, 189
Rocker profile
Camber with tip and tail rocker
Construction design
All new
Binding options
right ad
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Jan 9, 2016
New Zealand (previously SF Bay Area)
more more! thoughts vs atris, others? cage match!! :D
Funny that you should ask that!
I was skiing today and was surprised to see that one of the local shops had set up a demo stand for Black Crows skis. The first ski I hopped on was a 177 Justis. Overall impressions were quite good. The ski did feel a little short, but held up well when I cranked up the speed a little and pressured the ski. Was also reasonably damp when skied off piste thru refrozen snow of varying degrees of firmness. Would like to have tried the 183 but they didn't have it. For reference I'd been skiing a 180 Brahma all morning.
The other ski I tried was a 184 Atris. I'd tried (and liked) the ski once before on a Colorado powder day, so was curious to try it in different (and far from ideal) conditions. It's certainly a very different ski to the Justis, in fact the Justis has more in common with the Brahma. To be honest today I had some trouble getting the Atris to bite and engage the turn crisply. Felt better on my last run, so maybe I adjusted somewhat. Btw, the previous time I tried them I had them mounted 2cm back but not this time, so that could be a factor too.
For NZ conditions I think the Justis is a better resort ski.


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Mar 4, 2020
Oakland/Tahoe expat in London
I have the Atris and Corvus Freebird, and am keen to add the Justis to my Alps quiver. Atris and Corvus Freebird my ideal two ski quiver for Chamonix freeriding, while the Justis should be great for bombing Grands Montets and Courmayeur. Here's hoping Mont Blanc sorts out a sensible social distancing policy for the Aguille du Midi cable car and the Arret of the Valle Blanche.