2021 DPS Pagoda Piste 90 RP

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Mar 5, 2017
Andy Mink: Moving the shape of the Alchemist 100 RP (resort powder) down to the 90 waist size, DPS has created a fun, light ski for the lift-served powder seeker who encounters all the other conditions getting to and from the good stuff. The 90 RP is light enough for hike-to terrain yet very composed on the harder groomers experienced on the first run of the day during a low-tide period at Mammoth Mountain. Long turns, short turns, carved turns, slarved turns -- all were easy on this ski. For a ski with a lot of carbon (aka light), it is still quite smooth and damp due to aspen and ash in the layup. This ski is, in a word, fun!

Insider tip: With longer rise in tip and tail, don't be afraid to size up to get to your normal snow contact length for better groomer performance.​
Wade Holiday: This DPS boasts nice flex, shape, and feel at moderate speeds. The shovel design is friendly, but can be a bit vague “on” the snow vs “in” the snow. Tail design has more contact and feels solid, but the ski can feel a bit conflicted in shaped turns and bumps due to a softer entry into the turn and more solid finish. Would be happier in slightly softer snow imo.

Insider tip: Mount point felt right, it skied a bit short. Choice of two colors.​
Who is it for?
Skiers looking for a ski light enough to hike with but strong enough to get down the groomers. Softer-snow-biased intermediate to expert skiers who enjoy a light and lively feel.
Who is it not for?
This ski won't satisfy the skier who lives to make trenches. It can carve, but there are better tools if that's all you want to do. The heavy and the speedy.
Skier ability
Intermediate, Advanced
Ski category
All Mountain
Ski attributes
Moguls, Off Piste, Trees, Touring/Backcountry
Men, Women


Available sizes
152, 157, 165, 171, 178, 184
Rocker profile
Camber with tip and tail rocker
Construction design
All new
Binding options
right ad


Notorious P.U.G.
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Nov 1, 2015
Reno, eNVy
7CC32467-5CF9-43A0-A653-90F85D4C5E1B.jpeg 7987E49C-2E70-4A00-A8B9-8C83144A3E11.jpeg
7580B711-DC17-4A04-8E22-2237BACC51E9.jpeg Long Term Update: this was my first chance to get on the all new Pagoda Piste 90 RP. I ahve to agree with @Andy Mink and @WadeHoliday, this ski sure is playful but it is definately soft snow biased. The latter is not an issue if you get on the ski with open eyes knowing that it is the 90 RP...RP for Resort Powder. The conditions I got to ski these in/on were day after leftovers from a 13" storm and other than the ski being a tad short (there is a good amount of tip rise), the 90 RP was indeed a hoot. DPS did a great job with their Pagoda construction, it provides a very strong connection to the snow which was felt where conditions were skied off a bit. The 15 meter radius in the 178cm was very evident when the 90 RP was put up on edge.

DB Cooper

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Jan 31, 2017
Id like to know more about the pagoda 90 rp vs alchemist (and foundation) 100 rp. One of the things I read about the 100 is that they are surprisingly good on groomers whereas most I read about the 90 is that is just OK on groomers.

Im curious about these skis as a tree ski for moderate powder and 1-2 days after a storm. Groomer performance is not what I am looking for but if one sucks and one is good, that matters. I’m also wondering that if DPS is discontinuing alchemist construction if the 100 won’t be a better value buy going into next season.