Cage Match Comparison 2021 K2 Disruption MTi vs 2021 Head Supershape e-Magnum


Notorious P.U.G.
SkiTalk Tester
Nov 1, 2015
Reno, eNVy
Cage Match K2 Disruption MTi vs Head Supershape eMagnum.png

Back in 2016 we did a Cage Match between the predecessor to the Disruption MTi, the K2 Super Charger, and the Head iRally. Since then, both K2 and Head have revamped these parent collections: K2 has taken a revolutionary redesign by dropping the Charger and Ikonic lines and combining them as Disruption. Head has taken an evolutionary path and changed vowels from "i" to "e" and redesigned, reshaped, and resized the entire Supershape series. Previously, both the K2 Super Charger and Head iRally were 76 mm under foot. The Disruption MTi is now 74 and the e-Rally is 78, making the difference a bit more significant. It would be simple to just use the e-Rally again, but since Head does have a 72mm offering in the e-Magnum, we figured that would be a closer comparison.

Head's approach with the new Supershape was to change the construction and the dimensions. The Magnum was once the focal model of the Supershape series, and, for 2021, I think it deserves to be back in the spotlight. Head has been zigging and zagging with the Supershape's direction and trying to decide between power and finesse, but I think it found a solid balance with the newest incarnations. The e-Magnum still can ski with the tenacity you would expect from a narrower carver when driven, but it also can be skied at a slower pace for an instructor displaying a technical drill, for example.

Where Head went evolution, K2 doubled down and went revolution in its new Disruption skis and the MTi. Replacing the Super Charger was risky, not because of possibly alienating the dozens of people who actually bought the stellar ski, but because it risked changing direction and the momentum that was building with K2 offering world-class, kick-ass skis. The new Disruption takes what the Chargers started and fine-tunes it to add more power and more purpose. The Disruption MTi is a full-contact charger of a ski. Get it on edge and its DNA allows the ski to be focused on one thing: turn ... and turn again … and again. The MTi will expect your attention, and if you commit 100% to the ski, you will be rewarded handsomely.
  • Why choose the Supershape e-Magnum? You go with the tried and true, a ski that you have complete confidence that it will do exactly what you expect it to. You like to work the ski and not be a slave to the turn.
  • Why choose the Disruption MTi? You are open to change and looking for the next best thing. Oh, you like to put a ski on edge and feel the whole length of the ski from tip to tail.