Cage Match Comparison 2021 K2 Mindbender 99Ti vs 2021 K2 Reckoner 102


Notorious P.U.G.
SkiTalk Tester
Nov 1, 2015
Reno, eNVy
What is 3 mm among friends? Well, since a millimeter is a mile in bootfitting, three of them in a ski width can be enough to create two completely different skiing experiences. In all fairness, the difference between the Mindbender 99Ti and the Reckoner 102 is not the 99 or the 102 waists. In fact, that is the least of the differences in the way these two skis feel on snow. “All mountain” is one of the vaguest, and most misused, terms in the ski industry, so let's talk how about how different these two K2s are and which one is better suited for you.

The Mindbender 99Ti is more biased to hard snow, with less rise in the tip, a lower and more traditional tail, and a sidecut that lends itself to a multitude of turn shapes. If you are looking for a playful ski in the 98-100 range that still has power but you don’t ski switch, at least on purpose, I would suggest leaning this way.

The Reckoner collection is all new for 2021 with (my) expectation that the 102 will easily outsell the other two combined. The Reckoner 102 has a much more playful feel than the Mindbender. The longer rocker in the tip and turned-up tail, combined with a round turn shape, are the start of the differences between these two skis but it is the forward mount point that makes the Reckoner a ski that is very playful. If this ski were a girl, it would be Cindi Lauper because it just wants to have fun.
  • Why choose the Mindbender 99Ti? You still have a desire for a more traditional ski in this class but with a playful side.
  • Why choose the Reckoner 102? You might not ski switch all the time but you still want an all-mountain One-Oh-Something that is as fun going backward as forward.