Comparison Review 2021 Look Bindings


Chasing that Odermatt form
Mar 4, 2020
Oakland/Tahoe expat in London
As I haven’t been able to ski this season (based in U.K., can’t get over to Alps or Tahoe) I have been spending my time buying skis and switching around bindings for fun. I mostly have Pivots (15 or 18).

My latest incoming is a Cochise 106 flat. And I had ordered a Pivot 15 Forza 2.0 for a Rustler 10 that is now without a binding since I took off a Duke PT 16 and put that on a V-Werks Mantra.

My plan now is to take a Pivot 18 Forza 1.0 off my Bonafide 97 and put that on the Cochise, take a Pivot 15 Gold off a (21) Brahma 88 and put that on the Bonafide, and then put the incoming Pivot 15 Forza 2.0 on the Brahma. The incoming Pivot is a B130 but I have a spare pair of Pivot B95 brakes at the ready. And Pivot 15 Raws on a Ranger 102 FR and a Nomad 115. So the question is, is three swaps not enough and I should do one more, to end up with a Raw on the Brahma rather than a Forza 2.0? Fashion Police call out to all precincts!
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