2022 Atomic Maverick 95Ti

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Mar 5, 2017
Philpug: Are you allowed to say publicly that you have a favorite kid? Well, after a few cocktails, it might slip out that one of the kids might just not be all there in certain situations. Since The new Atomic Mavericks are not my kids, I can say I do have a favorite and that would be the 95Ti. Not that there is anything wrong with the 88Ti and 100Ti, but the 95Ti does all it's homework, is polite and never talks back. It is also pretty darn good athlete and I am sure it will make someone a great spouse...maybe the second time around at least.

Oh, how is it as a ski? The 95 Ti was a surprise for me; I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. I found these all-new Atomics to be playful in a multitude of conditions and terrain, from groomers to off-piste cut-up bumps covered in 4 in. of powder. The Backland-inspired tip, as light as it is, didn’t feel like it was getting deflected at all. I like the overall shape of this new offering from Atomic. The Maverick 95 Ti is part of our long-term test fleet, so expect updates.

Insider tip: Don’t let the lightweight extremities scare you: the new Maverick is no Goose.​
Who is it for?
Those looking for a mid-90s ski that is slightly on the finesse side of the scale.
Who is it not for?
Those who liked the heavy disconnected feel of the old Vantage 97Ti.
Skier ability
  1. Intermediate
  2. Advanced
  3. Expert
Ski category
  1. All Mountain
  2. Powder
Ski attributes
  1. Groomers
  2. Moguls
  3. Off Piste
  4. Trees
  5. Touring/Backcountry
  1. Men


Available sizes
164, 172, 180, 188
Rocker profile
  1. Camber with tip and tail rocker
Size Scaling
  1. Construction
  2. Dimensions
Construction design
  1. All new
Ski Weight:
Binding options
  1. Flat
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