Cage Match Comparison 2022 Augment AM98Ti vs 2022 Kästle MX98


Notorious P.U.G.
SkiTalk Tester
Nov 1, 2015
Reno, eNVy
Here are two of the heavyweights in the Premium 98 mm category, the two skis to which all others are compared. Are lesser skis worthy of being discussed in the same sentence? The comma in the price tag of the Augment and Kästle shows that they are worthy of the challenge of answering this question.

The Augment AM98Ti is a relatively new design concept compared to what we have seen previously from Augment, with a shorter turn radius, broad tip shape, and tip and tail rise. A solid and planted on-snow feel is what you would expect from this premium Austrian manufacturer, and that is what you get. But you also gain the ability to smear and slarve, and a less experienced skier craving that premium feel can feel comfortable on this ski.

Like the Augment, the Kästle MX98 has that solid feel of a premium ski. Where these two differ is that Kastle has stayed with their tried-and-true traditional shape with its rounded tip rise, (very) minimal rocker, full camber and square race tail. There is something said for a traditional shape like the MX98; in fact, something to be said for the whole MX collection. Very few do it as well as Kästle.

There is a connection to the snow that you get with a ski in this price range that you just do not get with mainstream models, no matter how popular and well-received they are. The Augment AM98Ti and the Kästle MX98 will give you just that.
  • Why choose the Augment AM98Ti: You are looking for a progressive shape with a traditional construction. Plus, you can choose your flex.
  • Why choose the Kastle MX98: You want both traditional construction and a traditional shape.
  • Insider tip: While these skis could almost coexist in the same quiver, I would suggest a MX83/88 and the Augment 98Ti as a price-is-not-a-consideration two ski quiver for a bit more versatility.