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Cage Match Comparison 2022 Dynastar M-Pro 99 vs 2022 Dynastar M-Free 99


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Nov 1, 2015
Reno, eNVy

I love a good sibling rivalry. In this Cage Match we are going to compare two Dynastars: the M-Pro 99 and the M-Free 99. Why does a brand create two skis that on the surface, might seem similar? Well, it isn't to offer two similar width skis with different personalities, and, in Dynastar’s case, the M-Pro 99 and M-Free 99 are indeed very different siblings.

Dynastar has been using their long extended tip design for about a decade and it has proven to work for them. The M-Pro 99 tip allows the stoutly constructed ski to become very versatile off-piste and very well one of the best soft bump skis in the segment without a compromise to hard snow performance; a characteristic that is still important to a ski in this class. The first impression you might get with the M-Pro 99 (and even the M-Pro 90) is that you might need to size up due to its long tip rise. But that is not the case; these do ski true to length.

The all new M-Free 99 is the little brother to the well-received M-Free 108 introduced the year prior. The “Free” in the M-Free almost refers to the spirit of the M-Free 99. I am not saying this is a 1960‘s flower child of a ski, but rather a ski that is happy to explore anywhere on the mountain and crank out some sweet short radius turns with its smaller wheelbase. While the M-Pro skis true to its advertised length, the M-Free needs to be sized up. Unfortunately, bigger/stronger skiers will run out of length pretty quickly because the longest length offered is a 185 cm.
  • Why choose the Dynastar M-Pro 99: You tend to want to make medium to longer radius turns and you like to charge.
  • Why choose the Dynastar M-Free 99: You are a skier who dances with the mountain but lets the mountain lead.
  • Insider tip: Black & gold graphics on both skis? This is why Dynastar offers the Pivot 15 in Gold. And yes, the 95 mm brake will work on either of these 99 mm offerings.


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Oct 16, 2017
Kennett Square, PA & Killington, VT
Fischer is playing a similar game with their Ranger Ti and FR series. Perhaps the M-Pro 99 vs the Ranger 99 Ti or the 102 FR vs the M-Free 99?

Full disclosure: I ski an older Ranger 115 Ti (FR shape) and a Legend X88 with those long noses.


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