Cage Match Comparison 2022 K2 Disruption Ti2 vs 2022 Volkl Deacon Master 72


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SkiTalk Tester
Nov 1, 2015
Reno, eNVy

These two skis from cousin companies, K2 and Völkl, are not race skis. I would get a slap across my face by @ScotsSkier if I were to masquerade them as race skis. Rather, these are two very strong recreational skis with some stellar hard snow attributes. A skilled skier in a Nastar or club course who happens to have either of these skis beneath their feet would not embarrass themselves.

Because they are cousins under the same corporate umbrella, both the Disruption Ti2 and Deacon 72 Master share access to Marker bindings. Therefore, both K2 and Volkl chose to step it up and make the Disruption Ti2 and Deacon 72 Master standard with the Marker Piston plate, allowing the buyer the choice of all of Marker’s X-Comp options.

I am not sure how many times I need to keep repeating this, but I will again: Forget what you think K2 skis are. The Disruption Ti2 was designed for Werner Nickerson, formally of the US Ski Team (who was influential in the design of this bad boy). They are not your Uncle Two-Weekends-A-Year Carl’s skis. K2 is making some badass skis that will knock you into tomorrow if you don’t pay attention. The Disruption Ti2 is The King of Doing That. The Ti2 is a full contact ski that has a medium to longer turn radius and top end that does border some race skis.

Not unlike the preconceived perceptions with K2, the same could be said about Völkl. Völkl has shifted gears with the new Deacons, specifically the Master 72 Pro. This new Deacon Master 72 offered with the Marker Piston Plate has obtainable power and is incredibly smooth, but is very versatile. Yet, when you want to ramp the power to accelerate, this Shorthaired Pointer can hunt!

  • Why choose the Disruption Ti2: You are Blake from Glengarry Glen Ross. "You know what, mister? Disruption Ti2, THAT’S my name!”
  • Why choose the Volkl Deacon Master 72: You are past trying to prove anything, yet you come into every run with an underlying confidence and rarely are you the one buying das bier at the end of the day.
  • Insider tip: Step up to the X-Comp 16 GW… It has the better spring and is GripWalk compatible.