2022 K2 Disruption Ti2

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SkiTalk Tester
Mar 5, 2017
Philpug: OK, this is a big-boy ski designed under the watchful eye of retired US Ski Team member Warner Nickerson. I am guessing after skiing the Disruption Ti2, his input was the carrot needed to get Warner aboard because this ski definitely has racing in its DNA. First of all, the ski comes from the factory with a Marker Piston Plate, arguably the most preferred plate on the circuit. Second, this is a full-length ski, that really prefers to be on the firmest snow (see: ice) on the hill. From its short, blunt tip to its 71mm waist all the way to its wide, flared tail, it has one of the smallest sweet spots I have experienced on a ski that was not a full-bore race ski.

The Disruption Ti2 is also no nervous cat in a room of rocking chairs ski, with it’s upper teens turn radius this ski wants to make long turns and it is a ski that you buy based on radius of turn you want to make, not so much pigeon holeing yourself to a specific length.

Insider tip: Yes, there are very limited binding options, so just step up to the X-Comp 16 and be done with it.​
Who is it for?
Strong-ass skiers.
Who is it not for?
Those who like to work a ski: this one wants to be on edge the whole time.
Skier ability
  1. Expert
Ski category
  1. Race
  2. Frontside
Ski attributes
  1. Groomers
  1. Men


Available sizes
177, 182, 187
Rocker profile
  1. Full camber
Size Scaling
  1. None
Construction design
  1. All new
Binding options
  1. Plate
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